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Case Study of Patient presenting with flu-like illness 2500 words - Essay Example

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Case Study of Patient presenting with flu-like illness Name Institution Case Study of Patient presenting with flu-like illness An evaluation of the consultation process within context of general practice same day consultation with advanced nurse Background Patients presenting with flu-like illness participating in the UK primary care of late access same day consultation care services from general practitioners as well as advanced nurses…
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Case Study of Patient presenting with flu-like illness 2500 words
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Extract of sample "Case Study of Patient presenting with flu-like illness 2500 words"

Download file to see previous pages Patient satisfaction evaluated using typical patient questionnaires is said to be higher after advanced nurse consultations for flu-like illnesses and minor illnesses. It is from such data that it is discovered that advanced nurses give longer consultations and necessary information as compared to general practitioners. However, some patients who have ever visited a nurse practitioner for insignificant illness care have recorded a preference to seeing practitioners next time, regardless of the fact that they were satisfied with the consultants with the advanced nurse. Patients may not anticipate their general practitioner to create time and listen to hem but they may have much confidence that an advanced nurse would do so (Moulton, 2007). The aim of this evaluation is to determine how the consultation process is carried out by an advanced nurse, inclusive of the methods used in the context of general practice. The method used Subjects were interviewed before and up to one week following their consultation with an advanced nurse. Constant comparative methods and semi-structured interviews were utilized to explore the matter from the patients’ point of view. ...
Therefore, a specified 1-year practice-based training program was initiated. It was comprised of the Higher Professional Education Masters Degree in Advanced Nursing Practice (MANP), inclusive of training on managing common complaints. As the program went on, the advanced nurses were employed, educated, and facilitated with general practices. Common complaints associated with the flu-like illness was compiled for which the participants seek he nurses’ medical attention. According to Keenan, J, 1999, such common problems will always result in minor health issues. The role of the advanced nurse in this study was to assess symptoms like physical examinations, and diagnose or make decisions where appropriate. However, the advanced nurses were not permitted to prescribe any medications, meaning that the general practitioners were frequently available for consultations and validations on referrals and prescriptions. The process required that patients who had appointments for the study be assessed for inclusion. Patients aged over 18 years and had come for the first consultation were welcomed to take part in the study if they requested for an appointment on a day when the advanced nurse was around and had time availed to him or her in the schedule. There was random choice of patients to be allocated in either the reference group or the intervention group. Assignments were given at random by an independent individual and he codes generated. In each project, a research assistant gave an explanation of the research to the patients as they came in and informed consent was achieved. Collection of data and the analysis Before the consultation in the general practice same day consultancy room, the first interview was performed, and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Case Study of Patient Presenting With Flu-Like Illness 2500 Words Essay)
Case Study of Patient Presenting With Flu-Like Illness 2500 Words Essay.
“Case Study of Patient Presenting With Flu-Like Illness 2500 Words Essay”, n.d.
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