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Influenza in Elderly Aged 65 years and above - Essay Example

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INFLUENZA IN ELDERLY AGED 65 YEARS AND ABOVE By Lecturer: Institution of Affiliation: City and State: Date: Influenza In Elderly Aged 65 Years And Above Introduction Influenza is a communicable respiratory disease which is caused by influenza viruses (Hawker, Begg, Blair, Reintjes and Weinberg 2012, p…
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Influenza in Elderly Aged 65 years and above
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, the effective measure for preventing this communicable disease is to offer influenza vaccinations to ageing people. Influenza is a public health issue because it is an acute viral infection, which can spread from one individual to another, and it circulates across the globe and can affect many aging people at a higher rate. According to the WHO report, global influenza epidemics result to 3 to 5 million of severe cases yearly and this contributes to death rates of approximately 500, 000 deaths where the majority are the ageing people of 65 years and above (Ryu, Kim, Park and Park (2011 p. 4197). Influenza causes annual epidemics and the winter seasons or temperate areas are the peak seasons for influenza. This illness can take economic toll because of heavy expenditure on provision of healthcare services not only to the aging population but also to children who are dependent. The essay explores the determinants of influenza in aging people and analyzes the inequalities, as well as, policies that impact on the public health issue. Determinants Of Influenza In Adults Age 65 Years Old And Above Ageing people are at higher risks for many vaccine preventable illnesses because this illness contributes to high morbidity and mortality rates. Influenza and pneumonia in adults are among the 8th leading cause for increased death rates among the aging people across the globe (DH 2009, p. 5). Many aging people die while others get admitted in hospitals due to complications of influenza disease. The determinant of health covers all the risk factors that may pose an individual to influenza. Social issues are among influenza determinants among the elderly populations across the globe. The research carried out revealed that social determinants such as gender, ethnicity, social-economic status, cultural beliefs and values were among the determinants of influenza in adults (Nagata (2013, p. 88). The behavioral beliefs, affordability, education or attitudes about the vaccine are also significant determinants of flu vaccine. Vaccination gains influenza virus is vital because it is one of the best methods of preventing unnecessary hospitalizations and premature death rates to elderly people. Another influenza determinant is the health care provisions among the elderly population. Since the beginning of the 20th century, timely and efficient intervention methods have been significant contributing factors for the decline of morality rates from influenza disease and other associated diseases such as cancer and coronary heart disease (Merrill 2010, p. 57). The health of aging population is influenced by varied factors including the past and present behaviors, as well as, health care provisions. There is an immense dissimilarity among the health inequalities and health determinants. The primary causes for health are frequently summed up in the slogan of dealing with the determinants for wellbeing and health inequalities. The health inequalities are tackled under the policy implementation whereby the government focuses on distribution of equal health care services to all population. Focusing on the determinant of healthcare inequalities is vital because this is one of the increased causes for widespread influenza disease. Education factor is among the social determinants of influenza and it is linked to learning disabilities for adults. The research study carried out revea ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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