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Minority report - Research Paper Example

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Elderly Minority Report Name Institution Date Abstract The aim of this report is to analyze the minority elderly persons and how the patterns of marital status, living arrangements, health status and care affect their aging. The paper will generally outline various factors that affect aging of the elderly minority who falls under the age of 65 and above from three different races in America…
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Minority report
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Download file to see previous pages Introduction The demographers identify the minority elderly people as members of four non- European populations who comprise of African America, Native Americans, Hispanic, and the Asian/Pacific Islander. Ideally, the elderly people contribute to a wider population in the US and the 1990 US census estimated that 3.6 million people fell under the age bracket of 65 and above (Scharlach, 2002). This means that there was one elderly person in eight Americans. The same census estimated that the population of the elderly persons would double to 5million by the year 2020, which means that there will be one elderly person in five Americans. The sex ratio also differs in the elderly minority because in the African American, there are 63 men for every 100 women, while in the whites there are 67 men for every 100 women (Scharlach, 2002). Analysts claim that the minority elderly face vast challenges in the American society concerning economic status, health and vast other aspects. Marital status The marriage status of the elderly minority is tied into levels of social support, which are availability of caregivers and economic well being. Since 1960, there have been significant changes in family structure and marriage patterns because divorce rates have risen, fertility levels have dropped, and life expectancy especially for men has risen (Berkman & Harootyan, 2003). This means that the marriage status varied among ethnic groups and sexes because statistics claim that the African American elderly women had higher rates of divorce and widows than the white elder women did (Jacobsen, 2011). More so, the white elderly women remarried more often than the African American or the Hispanic. The same case applies to the widowed men who are said to remarry than their female counterparts. Nevertheless, analysts claim that marriage status does not have a bigger impact on aging compared to the living arrangement because living arrangements is the overall determiner of the elderly minority. Living arrangements Living arrangements face vast factors that include marital status, health status, financial stability, family size, and structure among other factors. More so, living arrangements depend on whom an individual is living with as well as the community within. To begin with, US is a developed country meaning that the living condition of the elderly black Americans is above average but the living arrangements vary between ethnicities (Jacobsen, 2011). This is the case because, one fifth of American African elderly persons live in metropolitan areas, which is a lower promotion compared to the white elderly persons who hold about one -forth who live in the southeastern states (Berkman and Harootyan, 2003). The remainder classification of the elderly people lives in north central and northeastern regions. The outcomes of living arrangements affect health and satisfaction, which means that these outcomes could improve or deteriorate depending on various dynamics (Hooyman and Kiyak, 2010). Ideally, the living arrangements of the elderly people are affected by vast aspects that include fertility decline leading to decline in kin availability because the elderly will have fewer children to rely on. More so, the increasing rate of divorce is changing the shape of family structure because it increases the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Minority Report Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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