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Standardized Testing for Elderly Drivers - Assignment Example

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The paper "Standardized Testing for Elderly Drivers" discusses that most elderly drivers without dementia accept that their doctor's advice is very influential in making a decision to give up driving, and many patients with dementia will eventually respond to pressure from their families…
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Standardized Testing for Elderly Drivers
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Extract of sample "Standardized Testing for Elderly Drivers"

Download file to see previous pages Changes in perception, judgment, decision-making, and reaction times have all been documented in the elderly, as has the impact of these changes on driving, argues(Fife, 473) Driving impairment related to these normal changes of aging may be compounded by medical illness and associated medications.
What happens mostly in western countries is that the proportion of drivers who are elderly is increasing rapidly; over a quarter of the driving population will be 55 years of age or older by the year 2000. Although elderly drivers tend to drive less and may avoid night driving, the number of car accidents and the severity of injuries sustained in such accidents by distance driven increases strikingly after the age of 65. However, it has to be analyzed firstly based on how can doctors identify those elderly drivers who are a danger to themselves and others? Secondly, as Ponds observed, once they are identified, how should clinicians balance the effects of removing a driving licence, which may greatly affect a patients lifestyle, against public safety and breach of confidentiality if the patient refuses to give up his or her licence voluntarily? (Ponds, 151)
Medical decisions about illnesses that predispose to loss of consciousness are fairly clear-cut, but normal ageing processes and dementia can be much more difficult to identify and to assess; moreover, there seems little correlation between tests of mental performance and driving ability. Comparisons between practices in different countries may provide some answers, but the introduction of modified driving tests for elderly drivers with some evidence of mild impairment but who wish to retain their driving licence should be considered.
The following reasons could be regarded as factors determining the causes of the issues in elderly driving. It is to be admitted that physical or biological factors along with social factors together play a significant task in making up the driving function of the elderly people. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(To argue why elderly drivers should not drive or set standardized Assignment, n.d.)
To argue why elderly drivers should not drive or set standardized Assignment.
(To Argue Why Elderly Drivers Should Not Drive or Set Standardized Assignment)
To Argue Why Elderly Drivers Should Not Drive or Set Standardized Assignment.
“To Argue Why Elderly Drivers Should Not Drive or Set Standardized Assignment”.
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