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Illnesses affecting our society: Coronary Atherosclerosis - Essay Example

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Name Tutor Course College Date Coronary atherosclerosis is a disease that is caused blocking of the heart arteries due to fat deposition. These deposits make the arterial wall to be narrow. As this channel becomes narrower, the flow of blood is affected and becomes very slow…
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Illnesses affecting our society: Coronary Atherosclerosis
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Download file to see previous pages Etiology Arteries are made up endothelium, which is the inner layer, elastic membrane layer, connective tissue layer and a smooth muscle layer. The elastic membrane is responsible for arteries expansion and contraction that allows blood to flow through them. Therefore, atherosclerosis is a disease that is occurs when the arteries are block by some deposits. These deposits may include fats, calcium, or cholesterol that gives room for blood clotting. These deposits stimulate the arterial cells to produce some harmful substances that are going to accumulate in the inner layers of the arteries. Connective tissues are formed on the cells due to the fat deposition. As the formation of these connective tissues increases, the arteries thicken and the internal channels are reduced in the size. This reduction in the internal diameter of the arteries makes the flow of oxygen delivery very low due to the slow flow of blood. This slow speed in oxygen delivery causes blood clotting. This blood clotting will cause endothelium damage. At this point, the victim is at very dangerous situation because it can result to heart attack, stroke or kidney failure (Fuster, Ross, & Topol, 2002). However, endothelium damage has been associated with very many causes. Some of the causes are referred to as non-modifiable while others are modifiable. Modifiable factors are those that can be changed by the human being (Miller & Lewis, 2003). These modifiable factors include 1) Diabetes: diabetes affects the normal functioning of the endothelium walls. It causes in activity of the platelets and a decrease the thrombin-resistance of the endothelium walls. This will accelerate the rate at which Coronary atherosclerosis grows in the body. 2) Pregnancy: pregnancy complications such as bleeding, preterm birth and gestation diabetes increase the chances of Coronary atherosclerosis. Postmortem is advised for the women are having high risks of these complications. 3) Obesity: obesity increases the amount of fats in the body. These fats are responsible for the thickening of the endothelium walls which later lead to the Coronary atherosclerosis. 4) Physical inactivity: lack of exercise causes accumulation of fats in the body. These fats destroy the arterial walls in the heart leading to endothelium dysfunction. 5) The other factors that cause Coronary atherosclerosis are tobacco/ cigarette smoking and high blood pressure Non-modifiable factors are the factors that cannot be controlled i.e. they are caused by nature (Miller & Lewis, 2003). These factors include I. Age: women who are above 55 years and men above 45 years are prone to this disease. II. Hereditary: sometimes people whom their parents had the diseases are also prone to atherosclerosis. III. Sex: men are prone to this disease more than the women are. Signs and symptoms Endothelium damage cannot be realized easily by the victims. This is because the damage can when one very young depending the amount of lipids he or she is taking. Furthermore, there are many signs of Coronary atherosclerosis that are confused the one for other disease. This is because of the resemblances they have. Angina is one of the common symptoms of Coronary atherosclerosis. This symptom can be described by many attributes that is has. These attributes include numbness, pressure, painful feeling and heaviness. These symptoms are confused for heartburns or indigestion. Angina pain is always felt in the chest but at times the pain can go to the arms and the left shoulders (Bruschke, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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