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Learning Needs Assessment [University] [Instructor Name] Learning Needs Assessment a) Type of institution: District hospital b) Type of nursing care/service provided The type of nursing care services provided by nurses who possessed expertise in palliative or oncology skills included care to patients and their families…
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Learning Needs Assessment
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Download file to see previous pages For example, in areas involving complex surgical procedures, the volume of interventions and procedures is maintained at a high level in order to improve the outcome. In addition, it was observed that most of the activities are channeled towards the large units of the hospital in a bid to improve the quality of healthcare care. The following table shows the volume of activity and outcome. Number Percentage Surgical procedures 179 86.4% Cancer related procedures 84 40.3% Cardiovascular procedures 68 32.5% Orthopaedic procedures 19 8.7% others 11 4.9% In-patient 21 9.7% Traumatology 11 4.9% Cardiology 4 1.5% emergencies 3 1.0% Pneumology 3 0.5% Intensive care 2 0.5% Nephrology 2 0.5% Mixed (all types of care) 2 0.5% Obstetrics 6 2.4% Safe deliveries 2 0.5% High-risk births 1.0% neonatal intensive care 3 1.0% Outpatients 4 1.5% Total 206 100.0% d) Levels of nursing care staff employed Out of all the respondents that participated in the study, approximately 49% tendered their responses, excluding the wrong addresses. The total of the surveys that were completed was 65, which was 27% of the sample size. The survey revealed that the majority of the nurses worked in regular, full-time basis (60%) or regular and part-times basis (30%). The remaining 10% worked on casual contracts. Also, information was collected regarding the employment settings and status of respondents. Most of the nurses (70%) worked in a hospital setting. There was a good representation from other settings including nursing homes / Long Term Care (LTC) (16%), Home Care (14%), Community Health (8%) and other settings (14%). Most nurses worked in regular, full-time employment (67%) or regular, part-time employment (23%) compared to 10% who worked in casual positions. The level of education for the nursing staff that was interviewed was very diverse, of which 81 % of the staff held diplomas and 24 % held post diploma certification. Of these, 10% had oncology certification from different nursing associations, in addition to other oncology courses. Another 5% was found to have completed palliative care certificate courses (Bailey & Corner, 2009). More than 30% of the nurses were holding university degrees with specialization in different medical disciplines. Forty two percent were holders of bachelor degrees while 5% were holders of graduate degrees. Eighty one percent were working in the capacity of staff nursing role while another 7% worked in other roles such as nurse education, nurse consultation, nurse coordination, administration, family practice nursing, research coordination and executive directorship. When the level of nursing care was investigated, it was found that 69% cared for chronic patients, 70 % cared for palliative patients and 65% cared for acute patients. It was also found that a few of the nurses who were interviewed cared for emergency (21%), preventative (29%), and intensive care (16%). As shown in figure 2, these nurses were extensively experienced in cancer care. A good proportion (53%) of them had been employed in a cancer care environment for at least 11 years. Figure 2: The amount of cancer care experience A summary of the results of the educational needs assessment and analysis Identification of the highest priority educational need When the nurses were asked to rate their fields of experience in different fields classified into four types, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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