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Analys of a needs assessment - Essay Example

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Analysis of learning needs assessment of VAMC cath nurses Name Institution Introduction Richmond VAMC is a hospital, based in America that specializes in medical care for American veterans. Since its establishment in 1946, the medical institution has been available to over 200, 000 veterans coming from wide parts of southern Virginia and northern North Carolina…
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Analys of a needs assessment
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Download file to see previous pages The hospital has a cardiovascular section including the Cardiac Cath Lab, the Electrophysiology lab, Echo lab and Angio Lab. The Cardiac Cath Lab employs registered nurses; however the VA facility employs registered nurses, advanced practice nurses, licensed practical nurses, nursing assistants and nurse anesthetists. This report targets the nurses working in the Richmond VAMC Cardiac cath lab section. As the managing director of the cardiac cath lab of Richmond VAMC, I have observed some additional learning requirements for nurses in this sector. To verify this fact, I assessed a sample of the nurses in the form of questionnaires. This document is an analysis of the results of an assessment conducted to determine the educational needs of the nurses in the cardiac cath lab. The assessment was in the form of a questionnaire conducted on 10 staff members and containing 9 questions (Dept of Veteran Affairs, 2011). Description of a sample of assessed employees Mary A. Allan The above stated person has been working in this cardiac cath lab for five years. She previously worked at Utah Valley Regional Centre in its cardiac cath lab as a nurse for 4 years. She trained as a nurse at the Utah Valley University after where she got employed at the Blossoms Children Care. She currently holds a BSN and possesses adequate training in advanced cardiac life support and reading of EKGs. She is efficient, punctual, exceedingly skillful and addresses the patients adequately. Joan O, Kenney The above stated person has been working at the cardiac cath lab for 1 year. Prior to working here, she was a student at the Richmond Medical Training center for 3 years. She has no prior working experience as a cardiac cath lab nurse. She currently holds a BSN and possesses adequate training in advanced cardiac life support and reading of EKGs. Prior to working here, she was a student at the Richmond Medical Training center for 3 years. Catherine G. Williams The above stated person has worked in the cardiac cath lab for three years. Prior to working here, she was a student at the Richmond Medical Training center for 3 years. She possesses no prior experience as a cardiac cath lab nurse. However, she worked as an intern at the Richmond Clinic. She currently holds a BSN and possesses adequate training in advanced cardiac life support and reading of EKGs (Dept of Veteran Affairs, 2011). Analysis of assessment results Working experience In the questionnaire, questions 1 and 2 dealt with the external and internal work experience the nurses possessed in relation to a cardiac cath lab. About 40% of the workers responded to have working experience in this lab for three years and above. Also, 70% of the nurses responded to having worked in other cath labs for more than three years. We consider a nurse who has worked for three years and more in a cardiac cath lab to be adequately experienced in this field thus, more than 70% of them possess the reputation in this one. This data indicates that about three quarters of the nurses have adequate cath lab experience. Orientation satisfaction This is an analysis of the response by the nurses towards the orientation. Questions 3, 4 and 6 covered issues concerning the orientation. A considerable number (40%) are under-oriented since they received less than four weeks ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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