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Facilitate Learning and Assessment in the Clinical Environment - Essay Example

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Facilitate learning and assessment in the clinical environment. Justify Model Student assessment is crucial in any institution that seeks out to evaluate the learning process of its student body. In this particular study, a new type of assessment is proposed, which is known as hybrid-problem based learning…
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Facilitate Learning and Assessment in the Clinical Environment
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will define the key theory usage of rubric that is the focal point in the hybrid-problem based learning system that has tremendous benefits for any academic center and depicts the ideal relationship between the tutor and the tutee. The current model in the nursing field is to design a challenging curriculum, develop courses, teaching and guiding learners, clinical trials, and finally evaluating along with documenting the outcomes. However, research indicates that few attempts have been made to analyze changes in relation to the quality of service and patient recovery in United Kingdom. The current reflective model has several aims for the young nurses to be successful.  The current UK model aims to meet the aspirations of the modern medical healthcare services by increasing the recruitment of nurses. One of the most critical components for these young medical professional is to put them in an environment in which they can enhance their skill base and competences with the hosptial’s development progress. More focus is emphasized on training while increasing the staff morale in midst of adversities. Furthermore, the goal was to escalate the interpersonal communications of these students in order for them to communicate with their patients. It is evident that patients and the hospitals want to have this symbotic relationship in which habits of trust and confidentiality are solidified. In today’s modern world of academics, assessing students is a vital component towards evaluating the students’ performances.  The benchmark of assessment is not standard as it varies all across the academic universities in United States and plays a vital role towards the learning process of the student. While students can be assessed through participation and homework, testing is at times required to evaluate students. English is one of the most complex languages in existence as it contains many grammatical intricacies and multiple-meaning words. The issue of testing is sensitive towards students. Many students feel that some methods of testing are unjust as they fail to measure the competence levels of their language proficiency that extends beyond a traditional “pen and paper based test.” A good test should take both cognitive and verbal proficiency into account in order to assess the learning process. Nursing education has a body of knowledge on which nurse educator is based on teaching, educational strategies, and curricular designs, but most importantly the knowledge base, which is based on experience. A model that should be developed for nursing students should be simple in order to facilitate the process. It should consist of peer collaboration, discussion, research and testing along with shadowing a medical professional. These steps are vital because they solidify the foundation of core competencies along with remedying deficiencies. Education in health begins with the young generations being more involved in mentoring rather than filling in the blanks of a test. This theory is supported by many scholars as more effective as it enables students to gain a better understanding of the overall approach that occurs. The traditional methods that the most classrooms enforce consist of giving mindless repetition of written drills to teach Math, Science, and English.  Many factors affect international student’s ability to acquire these subject matters since the pressure is on them to excel through a letter grade. That poses a huge problem for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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