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Best practice - work based learning - Literature review Example

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Recognizing the importance of learning for development and has led to the origination of large number of methodologies. The single objective working behind development of leanings methodologies has been to improving the level of effectiveness…
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Best practice review - work based learning
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Download file to see previous pages Recognizing the importance of learning for development and has led to the origination of large number of methodologies. The single objective working behind development of leanings methodologies has been to improving the level of effectiveness.Among various methodologies introduced for the purpose, Work Based Learning is most recognized and accepted one. As the name signifies Work Based Learning refers to the learning that predominantly takes place through work (Garnett, 2001). Learning in work place maintains focus on job. Work based learning is being associated with on job training, skill development and experiential learning that is being provided to the students in the employment environment; hence reducing the gap of between pedagogical learning and work based experiences of learning and doing. Though considerable development is being made on the matter and great variety of models and themes have been devised there is still gap existing between the work-based learning demands as the opportunities facilitated by the workplace to align on same page. Hence, along with development of the field towards success the criticism has also been coming along. REVIEW FROM LITERATURE Eraut and Hirsh (2007) have suggested in contrast to the traditional forma l learning settings; work based learning is accredited with greater knowledge and skill development along with higher level of effectiveness based on the knowledge that is adopted by being part of the work environment . It further refers that strength of the knowledge is developed from responding to the issues originating from pieces of work. Work based learning is not only regarded as the form of combination of theory and practice but at the same time it is conceptual development that has combination of explicit and tacit forms knowledge (Brodie, and Irving, 2007). The combination of the explicit as well as tacit knowledge is further generated from the dual aspects facilitated from the knowledge. Learner in the work based learning environment develops tacit and explicit knowledge on both levels of individual as well as collective level as given presented below: (Raelin, 1998) Hence, the combination of the work based learning best practices has to facilitate the combination of these factors in a negotiated combination in order to achieve the effective and robust results (Lester, 2002). Settings; however, may vary with respect to the need of the learner and the facilitator. For instance, the methodology of work based learning that is applied at Middlesex University is of format that has negotiation as critical element. Work based learning in Middlesex University is designed with high level of negotiation between the parties involved such as the learner, the facilitator as well as the employer that provides learning set up. Such negotiated learning results in developing the learner that reflects greater commitment to work and self development. However, the commitment of learners within this format and self development is dependent on the level of motivation provided by the employers; especially in work activities that does not offer learner some level of discretion with respect to decision making as well as authority to take action (Zembylas, 2006). Work based learning settings also offer a distinctive form of learning where learners are provided with conceptual development. The learning is since provided with vocational training therefore the conceptual development is conducted with experiences and reflections (Reeve, and Gallacher, 2005). Further, the concept of action research that facilitates learning with conducting research in order to solve the real world problems is also accepted influential methodology. In the mentioned settings the solution to the problem is more democratic as it is arrived by collaborative discussions on work place or any other structured format that falls in the category of work based learning. Hence, in every context the success is derived from pragmatic concept of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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