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Portfolio System in Helping Students in Acquiring Nursing Education - Assignment Example

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This paper "Portfolio System in Helping Students in Acquiring Nursing Education" focuses on the portfolio system - a comprehensive tool which helps in student guidance towards the learning objectives. Effective implementation of the overall system helps patients in their early recovery. …
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Portfolio System in Helping Students in Acquiring Nursing Education
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Extract of sample "Portfolio System in Helping Students in Acquiring Nursing Education"

Download file to see previous pages All of the portfolio activities and responses are recorded for further assessment and also for students’ career guidance later on (Portfolio System, 2014). Contrary to this mastery learning is associated with the teaching methodologies which help in making students learn within the universal classroom settings (Guskey, 2010). Although different students have the entirely different understanding level and learning capacities if the teacher is able to give appropriate attention and time then most of the students can really do well. In broader perspective mastery learning covers diagnostic pre-assessment, group-based instructions, progress monitoring, corrective instruction, enrichment activities etc. (Guskey, 2010). Deliberate Practice is a significant concept but currently, it is not a part of nursing terminologies. Research indicates that it offers a direction towards skill improvement and proficiency in the nursing profession (Clapper, 2012). Deliberate practice is required to improve teamwork while reaching out for continuous opportunities on clinical skills development (Clapper, 2012). This actually helps students in practising the nursing theories in the healthcare environment with a high resemblance to real cases.
This paper aims to present a curriculum portfolio for a pre-licensure school. Every curriculum has some learning objectives which must be fulfilled in order to facilitate students in gaining maximum benefits from that course. To achieve these objectives certain tasks or activities are to be conducted under the supervision of educators. This portfolio will include examples of work that proves mastery of the curriculum. For instance, the students’ deliberate practice, representations of work, discussions, development of policies and practices while ensuring the learning outcomes and the overall understanding of nursing principles.
Community Health Nursing Care is the course that I have selected for portfolio design.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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