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Sexual Assault Scenario, which ill attach. The question related to the scenario is Using research evidence, identify and discuss - Essay Example

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Name Tutor Course Date Sexual Assault Scenario 1 Introduction Rape is one form of sexual abuse inferring any non consensual physical contact of a sexual nature that is unwanted, coerced, and/or forced sexual penetration. The scenario in the case represents acquaintance rape, whose prevalence is becoming more apparent as social network usage broadens…
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Sexual Assault Scenario, which ill attach. The question related to the scenario is Using research evidence, identify and discuss
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Extract of sample "Sexual Assault Scenario, which ill attach. The question related to the scenario is Using research evidence, identify and discuss"

Download file to see previous pages The nurse is frequently one of the first contacts to sexual assault victims after the traumatizing incident. Thus, nurses can be conceived to possess a unique position to recognize, treat, and advocate treatment for victims of rape. In some countries, emergency nurses have an opportunity to access training as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. The Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner normally possesses skills such as history taking (regarding medical and assault), physical examination, forensic evidence collection, specimen collection for serology, toxicology, and microbiology, documentation of findings, prophylactic treatment, reporting requirements, referral sources, advocacy services, crisis intervention, emotional support, informed consent and patient rights, discharge instructions and follow up, and court testimony (O'Brien 532). Rape is broadly a legal term and not a medical term, and the role of the nurse is not to determine whether rape has occurred, as this is the duty of the courts. In any alleged rape scenario, the nurse’s responsibilities encompass the following: (1) documentation of relevant history, (2) vigilant physical examination, (3) prompt interventions and treatment of physical injuries sustained in the ordeal, (4) psychological support and arrangements for future follow-up counselling, (5) gathering of legal evidence, (6) prevention of venereal diseases, and (7) prevention of pregnancy, if the patient so desires (Sommers 270). Nurses have an ethical, moral, and legal obligation to report incidences of abuse. Nurses play a fundamental role in screening for abuse by watching out for the red flags of abuse, especially injuries sustained from a sexual assault. The nurse should take proactive steps to aid the patient (Riviello 22). The nurse has a fundamental role to avail a safe environment for the 19-year old lady, treat the injuries sustained in the course of the rape, examine, listen and document the facts. Immediately on arrival to the healthcare facility, the nurse should usher the victim to a private, serene, comfortable area. The nurse should first and foremost obtain consent from the patient before beginning history, as well during every phase of the physical examination and collection of evidence (Smeltzer, Bare, Hinkle and Cheever 1620). The most suitable approach when caring for the rape victim encompass establishing a trusting relationship with the victim; treating all pressing injuries (in this case prioritizing genital trauma in order to stop bleeding), and then documenting a concise, factual, account of the case, inclusive of the patient’s narrative that details the time, location, and nature of the conflict/event and the parties involved in the episode. Being alert is essential in availing intervention for a problem that might, in some instances, go undetected. The nurse should always assure the patient of her safety, and should ensure that the patient has company. It is preferable that a rape crisis counsellor or a social worker be present throughout the examination (Riviello 24). In case such persons are unavailable, the patient can be permitted to have a friend or a relative stay with her. If present, life-threatening injuries (in t ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sexual Assault Scenario, Which Ill Attach. The Question Related to the Essay.
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