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The focus of this term paper is to observe how technology has impacted on nursing education and educators. The paper shall further focus on analyzing the issues evolved because of technological advancements in nursing education. …
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Innovation in Nursing Education
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Download file to see previous pages This research highlights that in the 21st century context, nursing operations have become quite significant and complex. With this concern, nurse educators have a vital part to ensure that they are preparing the nurses effectively for future. Nursing education must be modified so as to prepare nurses who can fulfill the upcoming health care requirements. In present days, nurse education requires developing technological understanding besides the nursing talents. Nurses are the forefront users of technology. As technological applications has turned out to be an essential part of patient care, nurses have improved their scope of practice acquiring knowledge and practical experience in the field of using electronic information in education. Technology has transformed the connection between nurses and other health service providers like doctors, physicians, surgeons and so on. The inclusion of technology in nursing education practices can be observed since World War II. Nursing education concerns about the nature and the application of technological devices. In the period of 1870s and 1940s technology had triumphed in nursing practices. During that time, nursing practice was renovated by new technical devices like thermometer, electrocardiograph machine, stethoscope, X-ray and microscope. This enhanced the reliability of medical analysis leading towards the overall betterment of medical treatment and effective relationship between doctors and patients. With respect to the historical perspective, the technology is continuously changing in nursing education and practices.

In the technological era nurses face significant challenges with respect to learning and employing. Information technology (IT) influences the manner in which nurses are educated and practice patient care. Furthermore, improvements in IT have also become an essential part of development and continuous education in nursing. Nurse educators have begun to employ informatics applications to assist the nurses. For instance, nurse educators can provide instruction through web-oriented sessions combined with discussion sheets and electronic analysis. Nursing students are able to search information through websites. But technology has also raised the issues such as privacy and security in the field of nursing. There are multiple viewpoints with respect to technology advances in nursing education. As the nursing education has changed some believe that technology can lead to new excitement, new ability and higher prospect to develop. But others’ view technology as disturbance or risk for nursing practice as maximum use of technology can make the nursing occupation obsolete (Rivers & Et. Al., n.d.). Table of Contents Innovation in Nursing Education 1 Abstract 2 Table of Contents 4 Introduction 5 Literature Review 6 Historical Perspective of Technology in Nursing Education 6 Technological Issues in Nursing Education 8 Issue of Shortage of Educators 9 Safety issue for importing technology 10 Other issues for importing technology in nursing education 11 Discussion 12 Evaluating new frontline 14 Ethical issues in technology 16 Conclusion and recommendation 18 References 21 Introduction Technologies have unlocked several new pathways to assist nurse educators in providing training facilities. The rapid growth of electronic education atmosphere has amplified the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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