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The Future of Nursing - Term Paper Example

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This study is a discussion of the future trend and developments in the field of nursing. It particularly investigates the impacts of IOM report about advanced nursing, on the practice of nursing, education and the leadership role of nurses. …
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The Future of Nursing
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Extract of sample "The Future of Nursing"

Download file to see previous pages In fact, even the report recommends that even the already registered APRN nurses have to acquire advanced professional studies to improve their training skills. Transformation of Nursing Practice The IOM (2001) gives important report to the transformation of the future nursing as it recommends the need for nursing practice in the healthcare institutions in the US. The demand for practicing nurses is about 10 percent. This implies that the US government has taken initiative to train nurses for the future heal care services. The focus on practicing has transformed the nursing operations to a high level of competence and confidence. The need to practice however faced challenges when the registration of APRN nurses. There is an ongoing negotiation for the ban to be lifted so that Advanced Nurses may continue with their practicing. This is very essential during the discovery of the new healthcare systems focused on the well-being of patients. The competence of nurses to meet the needs of patients is supported by their scientific knowledge and their unlimited abilities to adapt to the changes in the Medicare systems (Shell, 2002). The practicing has developed a reliable number of highly skilled nurses who are able to provide advanced services that could otherwise remain to be the responsibilities of professional physicians. It is not logical to engage highly trained physicians even though they have broader and special training than the APRN nurses. The IOM (2001) recommends that because the future need for more cost effective systems of health services, there should be opportunity for practicing nurses to take roles that are more responsible in the operation of the modern healthcare system. They are not only...
This report approves that improvement in nursing education will assist in the process of eradicating ignorance and the risks of unethical and unprofessional services. The solution and the risk mitigation strategy for this possibility are to develop a team of educated workforce. The report argues that effective education model and improved system of education will prepare the future nurses to be able to manage leadership responsibilities. The US government is committed to supporting education geared towards the development of teams of nurses focused on improved quality and reliable outcomes. For the future healthcare to realize the value of nursing profession, then the IOM report argues that there is no substitute to educating nurses. In fact, even the report recommends that even the already registered APRN nurses have to acquire advanced professional studies to improve their training skills. The competence of nurses to meet the needs of patients is supported by their scientific knowledge and their unlimited abilities to adapt to the changes in the Medicare systems.
This essay makes a conclusion that as the US realizes the need and the opportunity to change the system and services in the health care institutions, nurses are able to play vital responsibilities in the process of implementing the transformation. The key recommendation about leadership is that nurses should work with stakeholders to ensure that they provide unlimited high quality healthcare services and at the same time, participate in the decisions that change the working environment in the institutions. Indeed, nurses have strong influence on the outcome of the future healthcare services. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The Future of Nursing Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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