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Sex Crimes Sex Crimes College Name Subject Abstract Sex crimes aggravate anger and fear in the neighbourhood which paved the way for the enactment laws to prevent sexual violence like registration of sex offenders, notification to community (Megan’s law), and restrictions on residence, electronic monitoring and civil commitment…
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Download file to see previous pages Introduction Sex crimes include incest, rape, bigamy, child pornography, child molestation, indecent exposure, sodomy and prostitution. Nowadays, sexual motives play a pivotal role in stranger murders, intimate murders, serial murders, child murders, sexual abuse murders and prostitute murders. There exist a close link between homicide and sex. Sexual homicide can be defined as homicide where there exists a sexual motive, relationship or perversion, which includes molestation, rape, intimacy, prostitution, sexual jealousy and battering. Sexual homicide means the killing of an individual in the background of sexuality, brutality and power. Sex played a dominant role in various varieties of homicides involving kids, sexual workers and serial killers. (“Flowers, 2006, p.9”). Sex offenders comprise of an assorted group of individuals. The term sex offender is associated with the individuals who have carried out felonies like rape, engaged in child pornography, sexual murders and indecent exposures. Sexual offenders can be either juveniles or adults, male or female and of any age. Majority of sexual offenders aware of their victims and are associated to them, have some relationship with them or might have some authority over the minor or acquainted with them. Further, sexual offenses differ across cultures, religions, countries and states. In sexual offenses, there is a lack of consent on the part of victim and some level of intention on the part of an offender. Since 1980, many laws have been enacted in USA to enhance the supervision and administration of sexual offenders. For instance, such policy requires registration of sexual offenders, notification to community, restriction on residence, monitoring by GPS and compulsory chemical castration for those sex offenders under parole. (“Terry, 2010, p.3”). Statistical Date of Sexual Crime in USA In USA, as per the US Department of Justice, in every 2.7 minutes, one person is raped. In their life’s time, every one out of six American women has been the target of an attempted or suffered rape. In their life’s time, one in every thirty-three American men have witnessed an attempted or experienced a rape. In 73% of the sexual / rape attempts, the offender was well known to the victim who may be either an acquaintance or a friend or an intimate. About 191,670 rapes / sexual assaults were experienced by the victims with an average age of 12 or older in 2005 alone. Further, kids under the age of twelve comprise of 15% of the sexual /rape victims. Further, those under the age of 18 comprise about 44% of rape or sexual assaults. About 62% of the all sexual assaults or rapes were not made a complaint to the law enforcement in the year 2005. Of all the age group, people in the age group of 16 to 19 had a higher scale of sexual victimization. About 66% of prostitutes were reported to be sexually assaulted when they were as a kid. About 12% of the rape cases were recognised as alleged drug-facilitated cases in an emergency ward of a hospital. About 64,080 American women were reported to be raped in the year 2004-2005 alone. The occurrence of pregnancy for every-time unprotected sexual intercourse is estimated at five percent as per the medical reports. By applying the same to the 2004-05 rape victims, one can come to a conclusion that there would be 3,204 pregnancies due to sexual assault in that period as per RAINN report. Further, those kids ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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SEX CRIMES Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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