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Models of Comparative Healthcare Analysis - Essay Example

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This following brief overview will analyze three comparative models of the healthcare system. Further, the present text "Models of Comparative Healthcare Analysis" will highlight the significance of understanding the different models to a professional nurse…
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Models of Comparative Healthcare Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Each nation has devised its own health care system, which is adapted to provide for health needs of the citizens. Different countries devise different models, which they follow to attain the chief objectives of the healthcare system that include protection of families and individuals from financial exploitation and ruin through healthcare bills, treatment, and care of the sick people and keeping individuals healthy (Paranjape & Sadanad, 2010). It is not necessary to study the variations and health systems that exist in every nation, as the arrangements for health care providers seem to follow a similar pattern. Though there tend to be four models of healthcare analysis, the span of this write up does not encompass all the four models, but three models only.The first model of comparative healthcare analysis is The Beveridge Model, which was named after a social reformer who designed the National Health System of Britain. This social reformer was named William Beveridge, and he was a famous person who influenced the health system in Britain for long. The system advocates for payment and provision of health services by the government, which finances the operations through taxes and revenue collection from the citizens (Wurman, 2004). In countries where the model operates, most of the hospitals, clinics and other health infrastructures are owned by the nation, and most of the health personnel who work in the health facilities are employees of the government (Paranjape & Sadanad, 2010)....
This social reformer was named William Beveridge, and he was a famous person who influenced the health system in Britain for long. The system advocates for payment and provision of health services by the government, which finances the operations through taxes and revenue collection from the citizens (Wurman, 2004). In countries where the model operates, most of the hospitals, clinics and other health infrastructures are owned by the nation, and most of the health personnel who work in the health facilities are employees of the government (Paranjape & Sadanad, 2010). However, other doctors and nurses in this model work on a private basis, and they get their salaries from the government. Britain’s citizens never get hospital bills that wipe out the entire savings of families, relatives and friends (Institute of Medicine, 1994). The Beveridge Model has reduced per capita since the government regulates the practices of doctors and other medical personnel, as well as the fees that they charge for treatment of patients. The Beveridge Model is popular in the original place where it started (Great Britain), and other regions and countries, such as Scandinavia, Spain and New Zealand. Hong Kong has maintained The Beveridge Model of the healthcare system, which is a symbol of the ideology that the nation has maintained after its independence from the Britons. Despite the fact that The Beveridge Model is evident in most parts of the world, Cuba is a perfect example of a country where this model is practiced to the letter. The government has total control of the heath system, and it controls all services and operations of doctors. Patients get their health services at the expense of the government, and every citizen is guaranteed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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