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Prevention Strategy Before the Commencement of John's Chemotherapy - Essay Example

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This essay describes a case study on the topic of treatment of colorectal cancer. The researcher also focuses on the establishing and describing of several different stages of prevention strategy, that is needed before the commencement of patient's chemotherapy…
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Prevention Strategy Before the Commencement of Johns Chemotherapy
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Extract of sample "Prevention Strategy Before the Commencement of John's Chemotherapy"

Download file to see previous pages Prevention Strategy before the Commencement of John’s Chemotherapy The diagnosis and treatment of colorectal surgery requires adequate prior preparation. A well coordinated approach and agreement between the patient, nurses, surgeon, and radiation oncologist is exceptionally critical and necessary for a successful treatment. Prior to the surgery, the leading clinician ought to hold a thorough discussion with the colorectal cancer patient, the family and other health professionals to come to a consensus on the best treatment mechanism to employ in the treatment of the patient (Rankin 89). This open and interactive discussion with the key stakeholders will as well provide an avenue to examine the possible outcome of the treatment, the aim and the rationale of the surgery, likely positive and negative effect, the available treatment options, as well as possible psychological support to the family and the patient. In contemporary healthcare sector, practitioners have developed various strategies necessary in the commencement of any chemotherapy to prevent the occurrence of any side effect. In John’s case, the most effective strategy to prevent the prevailing side effects was the comprehensive use of primary prevention strategy (Epstein 1037). By using the primary prevention strategy, it was possible to reduce the risk of emergence sore and ulcers infections which was associated with cancer treatment. According to Epstein (1037), primary prevention strategy is relevant and effective during the pre-exposure period as well as in the initial and promotion stage of cancer treatment. This strategy was appropriate in preventing John from...
The researcher of this essay states that once an individual has been diagnosed with colorectal cancer, it is of great significance that the extent of the disease be established. Once distant or regional metastases are identified, a combination of various therapies such as surgical are applied. The initial treatment intervention for the colorectal cancer is the removal of primary tumor through surgery. Approximately 20-30% of patients with colorectal cancer get diagnosed when the disease has already advanced. In such a situation, curative intervention is nearly impossible. As in the case study, John has undergone surgery. After surgery, he agrees to receive adjuvant chemotherapy which comprises of fluorouracil. After a few days, John returns for Chemotherapy third cycle. Patients undergoing such a treatment report various side effects such as temporary hair thinning or loss, dizziness and the resurfacing of painful sores inside the mouth lining and in some cases on the lips. With appropriate interventions in place, the severity of the symptoms experienced by individuals suffering from colorectal cancer can be adequately managed as the disease advances. When the patient’s pain, distress or anxiety is well managed, there is improvement in their quality of life. Pain management plan is often developed once health care professionals assess pain. The main objective of pain management is to allow the patient to achieve maximum function and comfort. This should be accompanied with minimal analgesic therapy side effects. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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