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Cancer Chemotherapy - Essay Example

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Cancer eventually affects everyone's life in some respect. If an individual does not contract the disease they will know someone that does. Each year, approximately 70,000 people die from cancer in Canada, and the numbers are progressively increasing. (Budwig) An uncontrollable growth of cells is the main distinguishing characteristic of cancer…
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Cancer Chemotherapy
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Extract of sample "Cancer Chemotherapy"

Download file to see previous pages The nature of cancer is one that has been the easis of much research and even scrutiny. Cancer is a chronic, metabolic disease...that is obvious. It isn't an infectious disease, which is caused by bacteria of viruses. It is a disease that is metabolic in origin. A metabolic disease is a disease that is linked with our utilization of food. Most metabolic diseases have as their basis specific vitamins and minerals. Let me give you a categorical or axiomatic truth to take with you. One that is totally uncontradictable, scientifically, historically and in every other way. This is that no chronic or metabolic disease in the history of medicines has ever been prevented or cured, except by factors normal to the diet or normal to the animal economy. There have been many erstwhile fatal devastating diseases that now have become virtually unknown. They have been prevented and cured by ingesting the dietary factors and thereby preventing the deficiencies, which accounted for these diseases. (Krebs)
Cancer is a chronic, metabolic disease...that is obvious. It isn't an infectious disease, which is caused by bacteria of viruses. It is a disease that is metabolic in origin. A metabolic disease is a disease that is linked with our utilization of food. ...
There have been many erstwhile fatal devastating diseases that now have become virtually unknown. They have been prevented and cured by ingesting the dietary factors and thereby preventing the deficiencies, which accounted for these diseases. . (Krebs,)
science brings us face to face with a lot of things we do not like to face. We have become over-civilized. We are inclined in out delusory thinking to feel that here and there must be a magic out. That there must be a simple way, a short cut, that somehow or other medical science or some other man-made forces beyond our comprehension will do for us those things we must do for ourselves. And it is slowly dawning on us, perhaps too slowly that this thinking is fraudulent; that it is unsound. (Budwig)
With new computing power and knowledge, scientists hope to develop lifesaving drugs more quickly and with better results (Sheridan) It took 115 years from the first description of blood cancer in 1845 until the discovery of a genetic abnormality instrumental in the disease. Now, 41 years later, a new drug, Gleevec, seems to be the first to offer promise as a treatment. powerful drugs just beginning to be tested for similar glimpses of potential will join Gleevec and hundreds of other drugs in the years ahead. But where do these drugs come from To the public, it may seem like a trial-and-error process of chemical guesswork, but cancer drug discovery has come a long way," says Nouri Neamati, Ph.D., assistant professor of pharmaceutical sciences in the USC School of Pharmacy and the USC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center.
"Drug discovery has entered a new era, with not only better ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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