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Exploration of a chemotherapy regime used for head and neck cancers and its side effect- mucositis - Essay Example

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Exploration of a Chemotherapy Regime Used For Head and Neck Cancers and Its Side Effect- Mucositis Table of Contents Introduction 3 Chemotherapy Regimen in relation to Cisplatin and 4 day 5-Fluorouracil 4 Critical Discussion of the Principles of the Chemotherapy Regime and Its Mode of Action 5 Identification of the Short and Long Term Side Effects of This Chemotherapy 7 Exploration of Mucositis 7 Critical Exploration of the Impact of Mucositis on the Patient 9 Conclusion 10 References 12 Bibliography 14 Introduction Cancer is a disease, which is caused due to the growth of out-of-control cell…
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Exploration of a chemotherapy regime used for head and neck cancers and its side effect- mucositis
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Download file to see previous pages In this regard, chemotherapy is regarded as one of the effective treatments, which is readily accessible for combatting against cancer. It is often viewed to be an anti-cancer drug, which is used to damage cancer cells. This treatment is offered with the objective of minimising the growth as well as the development of cancer cells. Chemotherapy drugs are injected in the veins of a human body that circulates in the blood throughout the body, so that they are able to reach the cancer cells effectively. In relation to the case of head along with neck cancers, chemotherapy treatment would be applicable with the assistance of radiotherapy in a combined manner. The aforementioned combined treatment for cancer is recognised as chemo radiation. Chemotherapy treatment is offered to shrink tumours before surgery. The most common chemotherapy drugs that are offered for combatting against neck and head cancers are Cisplatin and 4 day 5-fluorouracil. ...
mucositis. Chemotherapy Regimen in relation to Cisplatin and 4 day 5-Fluorouracil Chemotherapy treatment in relation to Cisplatin and 4 day 5-Fluorouracil (5FU) is offered to patients with head and neck cancer after conducting a blood test. On ascertaining that the result of blood test is normal, the chemotherapy drugs are prepared. The nurses insert catheter or ‘peripherally inserted central catheters’ (PICC) line in a vein nearby the collarbone or in the arms of human body. The patients suffering with head or neck cancer are offered with anti-sickness drugs through the line before the infusion of Cisplatin and 5FU (Macmillan Cancer Support, 2012). The chemotherapy treatments are offered for mitigating cancer in different ways. There are certain procedures or plans on the basis of which treatments are offered to cancer patients in an effective manner so that damaged cells are restricted to grow uncontrollably. Additionally, following a particular regimen will eventually facilitate in combatting against the significant concern of cancer. In this regard, one of the most appropriate chemotherapy regimens for the treatment of head and neck cancers is to the follow a mentioned schedule. In this context, in the first day of the chemotherapy treatment, a patient having neck and head cancer is provided with Cisplatin infusion combined with pre and post hydration. After the infusion of Cisplatin, the patient is then infused with 5FU. The 5FU infusion has an effect for four days. The patients having central or PICC line are allowed to leave for home with a portable pump after the infusion of Cisplatin and 5FU. Contextually, the patients with the attached portable pump should return to the medical centre and with the assistance of a nurse, are required to get the pump ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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