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Running head: Leadership and Management Nursing Director Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert 02 July 2012 1) Could you speak a bit about your background and the role you have today? Being a Nursing Director of a nursing home requires a lot of experience in the field…
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Leadership and Management: Nursing Director
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Download file to see previous pages Hence, vast experience and long background is the key to elevation to the position of leadership. A person appointed as nursing director ought to possess a lengthy background in the nursing field. Being a managerial and leadership position the function of nursing director is awarded to an individual after a lengthy background in the management and service to the nursing home. A part from the academic credentials the personal profile of an individual as well as the necessary training is important. The role is challenging and involves the administration of all activities in the nursing home as well as ensuring that the employees are motivated to offer the best care services to clients. 2) How would you describe a leader? A leader is an individual with a vision and one who is able to motivate other people to play their part in achieving that vision. The essence of leadership is inspiration whereby a leader develops a way forward and inspires other people to embark on it towards the success of the idea. In the nursing field, leadership refers to the overall administration of the nursing home. The leader in this case must develop the right estimate of the requirements of the nursing home, which include human resources. Once the needs are identified the leader ensures that the nursing home has the relevant resources to ensure that it operates effectively. The best way to judge the success of a leader in a nursing home is by evaluating the quality of health care services offered in that respective nursing home. The ultimate role of a leader translates into the effective operation of the business unit, which implies the provision of services in a perfect manner. 3) What are important qualities or characteristics of leaders? There are several qualities of a good leader which include visionary, decision making, communication skills, organizational skills, planning and collaboration. These skills endow the leader with the required aptitudes to manage the function that come to leadership. Basically, a leader is the overall person in any organization and the prospects of the organization squarely depends on how effective the leadership function is. Among these many qualities of a good leader, some are more important than others. These include visionary, decision making and communication. A good leader should be visionary in order to set the vision of the organization. The primary role of a leader is the development of the course of action or vision to be followed by the organization. Therefore, a good leader should be in a position to establish the best vision for the organization; a vision that is ambitious and achievable. Similarly, a leader should posses credible decisions making skill to enable them make the decisions that steer the organization to greater heights of success. Communication is the essence of a leader because after developing a vision or making decisions, the leader must communicate it to the people and convince them to comply. 4) What is your personal philosophy of leadership? Leadership is a natural inclination of an individual towards the activities and events of life. In essence, leadership is natural and develops along with personality. Therefore, the natural inclination of a person determines what type of leader they become. The style of leadership adopted by the individual is determined by the person’s inclination of nature. Training is very important for successful leadership because through the training process it becomes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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