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Nurse Leader Interviews - Essay Example

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The leaders chosen in this regard are the Chief Nursing Officer, the Director in-charge for Surgical Services rendered, and the Director of Employee Assistance. The paper…
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Nurse Leader Interviews
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Download file to see previous pages Again the Director of Surgical Services reflected a participative leadership approach while dealing with the subordinates in the organization. Finally as for the Director of Employee Assistance the leadership style reflected a transformational approach. Thus it is found that the different nursing leaders reflect different types of leadership styles in their conducts within the organization.
It is found that the Chief Nursing Officer acting on the Servant Leadership approach aims to build trust and confidence in the minds of the subordinates so that they easily communicate with the upper hierarchy and share their feelings and problems. Again acting on such leadership approach helps the Chief Nursing Officer in understanding the areas where the people fall short in their professional pursuits. Thereby such leaders help enabling both resources and opportunities to help them develop their professional traits and conducts in serving the concern (Ebener, 2010, p.11-12). This leader was chosen on account that the leader takes care in hearing to the problems and queries of the nurses working in the organization and renders commitment to help the nurses develop their potential to render quality healthcare through rendering institutional help.
The Director of Surgical Services reflects a participative leadership style while going about in the organizational conducts. Such participative style reflected by the director is done by involving and empowering the employees and sub-ordinate groups working in the concern in decision making activities. This leadership style helped the leader to gain the views of the subordinates in the decision making ventures and thus helped to avoid conflicts. Hence such leadership trait reflected by the director is held to bring success in managing the employees by the leader (Walsh, 2009, p.75).
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Nurse Leader Interviews Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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