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Are Entrepreneurial Characteristics Necessary for Manager to be a Good Leader - Research Proposal Example

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This research “Are Entrepreneurial Characteristics Necessary for Manager to be a Good Leader?” provides a deep insight into the essence of leadership, various leadership styles and how they effect in an organizational context. The author suggests that all successful entrepreneurs are good leaders…
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Extract of sample "Are Entrepreneurial Characteristics Necessary for Manager to be a Good Leader"

Download file to see previous pages Organizational leadership is very important for an organization. It is these leaders who account for the majority of the success of the organization. In spite of the research that has gone into organizational leadership, there are various questions unanswered.
This report is a research proposal for carrying out further research in the field of organizational leadership.
Leadership has always excited the researcher and understanding leadership has turned into a passion. The researcher has read about the topic intensely and has been inspired by the various leaders such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Winston Churchill, etc. The researcher has been amazed by these leaders ability to command respect from the followers and lead them to a better life. The researcher would like to take this opportunity to officially study his/her passion through this research. The researcher has been following the developments in the filed prior to the idea of conducting academic research on the topic.
The effectiveness and usefulness of research primarily depend on the depth and accuracy of a research question. Research question addresses the scope of the research. Research question tries to find answers and new questions about the research subject for further research or investigation (Lester, 1986).  In a deductive approach, the researcher makes an assumption or theory and then tries to prove his or her theory with the help of the research findings and data. On the other hand, in an inductive approach, the researcher uses practical findings and research results to derive a hypothesis. The research question needs to be apt and to the topic. Research question must not be too elaborative or too restrictive. Too elaborative research question would not be very useful to drive the point and it would be more of an explanation than a question. Too restrictive research question might not cover the scope of the research. The research question must be designed in such a way that it compels for an answer. Research question must not address any insignificant issues and divert from the core of the subject. Hence, the researcher must frame the research question with a lot of care in such a way that it focuses on the core issue and compels for an answer.
The purpose of this research is to study leadership in the organization and throw new light on the topic. The research will be targeted in understanding how leadership makes an impact on the organization. It addresses the popular question of how leaders and managers are different. Even though there has been a lot of debate over the above question, the researcher intends to bring in a new dimension to the debate. The various styles of leadership will be addressed and studying further. Researcher is of the view that leaders have qualities of entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur is definitely a leader who leads his company or organization to success and greater heights. But what researcher is more interested in is whether leaders posses entrepreneurial characteristics. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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