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Leadership Among Senior Managers in an Organization - Research Paper Example

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The focus of this research is the HR practice. The rapid changes in the industry and downsizing, have impacted the morale of senior managers, and their performance and the growth of the company. This has even led to research focusing on the reason for ineffective performance among senior managers…
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Leadership Among Senior Managers in an Organization
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Download file to see previous pages The research will be conducted at Sky Digital which is a digital satellite broadcaster for the UK. They have 8.1 million customers and are still growing. The broadcasting industry is going through a very competitive phase, and it becomes necessary that staff in senior positions stay achievement oriented and focus on personal growth. This is essential because it impacts company performance.  The research question examines the level of existing need for achievement and personal growth among 900 senior managers in the cancellation department of Sky Digital. For the purpose of this study 100 randomly selected managers will be surveyed. 1. A one on one interview will be conducted with 100 randomly selected senior managers of the cancellation department for open-ended questions. For closed-ended questions, the response sheet will be left with the manager and anonymity will be maintained. The selection of managers will be based on simple random/probability sampling method. The lottery method will be used. A list of all senior managers in the cancellation department will be obtained from the HR department and every 3rd manager will be selected for the survey. 2. As and when data is collected, the responses to the survey will be updated in an excel spreadsheet. To survey the achievement needs of senior managers, a questionnaire is prepared, adapted from the achievement motivation scale published by W.W.Norton and Company (n.d.). A question is formulated for each attribute critical to need for achievement, to ascertain whether a manager manifests the need for achievement. The questionnaire has mostly close-ended questions but also includes open-ended questions to help analyse the organization’s role in supporting these managerial attitudes. Since senior managers give direction to the company and are responsible for motivating their subordinates, it is necessary that they exhibit a high level of need for achievement and personal growth. This is the reason for the project proposed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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