Leadership & the New Public Health: Analysis of Approaches to Leadership - Essay Example

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This research is the best example of comparative analysis of two approaches to leadership: the trait approach and skills approach. The following research also evaluates and presents how these two approaches work for an organization and individuals…
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Leadership & the New Public Health: Analysis of Approaches to Leadership
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that leaders require a number of attributes to successfully manage the workforce under their surveillance. Self-esteem is one of those personal traits which lead to successful and efficient leadership. A person with positive self-esteem will not take the mistakes or wrong decisions as negative evaluation of his/her performance but will be motivated to learn from those mistakes. A leader making a wrong decision with high self-esteem will accept the mistake but will ensure not to repeat it. On the other hand, a self-centered leader will be more motivated toward getting rather than giving. Leadership requires the leader to be familiar of the employees, customers and other affected by his decisions. If a leader is self-centered his decisions will be based on his own personal interest and will. An effective and ethical leader should always care for others or at least give enough consideration to their needs and the consequences of his decisions. The self-esteem and confidence help in developing long-lasting and strong relationships and on the other hand, self-centeredness takes the leader towards apathy and disloyalty of the related people. Health care field calls for more ethical decision making as people’s health and life is directly or indirectly related to the decisions made by the leaders. In the health care field, personal interests are not given priority over others. The concept of stewardship applies in the healthcare field as healthcare providers are accountable for their actions and decisions made for the individuals. Hence, the concept of self-centeredness fails in this context and patients and other employees are given the power to communicate and discuss the possible outcomes of the decisions made to provide proper treatment and comfortable healthcare environment to the patients and clients. The hedgehog concept On average, it took 4 years to clarify the hedgehog concepts of the good-to-great companies. The hedgehog concept simply requires a person to identify certain truths about him or in case of a business or organization to clearly understand what is important and interesting to them (HBR, 2011). The hedgehog concept requires the answers to the following three questions or ideas: What one can be the best in the world? What drives one’s economic engine? What one is deeply passionate about? For instance, firstly it is important for a person to identify what skills do each member of the healthcare providing team has. A person with good communication and management skills should be delegated the task in the administration area, for instance. Knowing the potentials of doing something and professionally applying those skills are different. Hence, it is important to apply the first idea of hedgehog concept and polish the existing skills of a person. The next step is to attain economic advantage which acts as a motivational force for the person. This, in the healthcare field, may be the compensation of the staff or free medical facilities provided to them. The last requirement is to enjoy the work and feel completely integrated within the organization. A person leading a team who is not sincere or loyal to the healthcare provider’s main object, may harm the overall success of the organizational objectives. Principles of good leadership: Barber (2004) assert that the US army laid 11 principles of good leadership in the year 1983 which are briefly explained as follows: Recognize yourself and pursue self-improvement – For an individual to better understand himself/ herself it is important to comprehend his/her be, know and do qualities. Self- improvement is a continuous process of strengthening ones attributes by systematic interaction, self- study process or formal lessons. Be theoretically skillful – A leader should know the job and have an acquaintance with the employees assignments. Be responsible for your actions – A leader will never play a blame game and will always analyze the panic situation and take necessary actions. Make ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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