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How to Reduce Hospital Infections Related to Invasive Devices Name University Abstract The increase in prevalence of hospital infections related to invasive procedures that uses invasive devices is something the medical and nursing world should never disregard…
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How To Reduce Hospital Infections Related To Invasive Devices
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Download file to see previous pages A very common example would be the performance of invasive procedures that use invasive devices such as urinary catheterization, naso-gastric tube insertion, and intravenous catheterization. Key words: invasive devices, invasive procedures, hospital infections, How to Reduce Hospital Infections Related to Invasive Devices Every year more lives are compromised or worst lost due to the increasing number of incidences of hospital related infections. It is very frightening to think that the hospitals and health care facilities which are supposed to save lives are the least places people would think that their health will be compromised and yet some studies point fingers on these health havens and say failure can be from the hands of the health care providers especially in handling invasive devices. Invasive devices such as catheters of different kinds are being utilized by the health care team for patients needing it—such patients needing hydration or infusion of antibiotic therapy are given IV catheter insertions. And such use of invasive devices for such procedures has been reported to have complications that put patient’s life at risk. ...
terature in the use of invasive devices, the standard policies and procedures, as well as the solutions and better outcomes deemed and reviewed from published works and studies. Change Plan I. Over the years the increasing number of hospital related infections due to invasive devices increased. The use of these devices has been established to incur and help improve patient outcome by allowing better access to patients in terms of medication, nutrition, hydration and even drainage. But the increasing prevalence of complications from the use of such devices somehow places the credibility of such procedures at risk as well as doubting the ability of the nurse in performing procedures without causing further complications. The standard of safe practice in performing such procedures needs to be reevaluated and reinforced to be able to strengthen the chain of procedures without breaking the barrier to prevent infections. II. The prevalence of hospital infections due to invasive devices needs to be addressed. By reviewing the standard practice in the use of invasive devices, healthcare providers will be able to come up with the analysis and evaluation regarding the effectiveness of such practice in ensuring safety to patients and preventing further and additional complications. By performing such evaluation techniques the rate of prevalence of infections will be decreased and eventually totally avoided. Furthermore the review evaluation will increase the nurses’ and patients’ knowledge regarding proper procedure and care of invasive devices that will lead to better patient outcome and preventable related infections. III. Intravenous therapy is a crucial and indispensable aspect of nursing practice in acute settings, and is expanding into community care (Lavery & Smith, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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