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Nursing Culture Groups - Essay Example

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The research is being carried out to present nursing culture in different groups. Particularly the research demonstrates Arab group, Cuban group, Haitian group and Jewish group. There are different situation in each group will be described in the paper…
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Nursing Culture Groups
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Download file to see previous pages Nasser is being respected would not mean that the young Samia will not receive treatment, which can only be best administered after examination on her private part. To ensure this balance, Mrs. Nasser must resort to negotiation. The negotiations must be made on fair grounds such that the nurse must not be seen as taking an entrenched position. She must persuade Mrs. Nasser to come to the compromise willingly. iii. Cultural care re-patterning or restructuring: This should be the final step or strategy but it must not be taken for an act of eliminating the culture of Mrs. Nasser or indoctrinating her with the nurses’ own style of culture or what she deems as best. However, she can restructure Mrs. Nasser by pleading with her to be tolerant and flexible with her culture. She will allow Mrs. Nasser to enjoy the best of services whereas she goes; especially for her own good and welfare. 3. How might the nurse ensure that Mrs. Nasser’s concerns are addressed appropriately and that Samia has received the appropriate care? The concluding situation to achieve out of this whole situation should be a win-win affair. This is to say that as much as the concerns and cultural believes of Mrs. Nasser must be respected, it is also important that Mrs. Nasser’s daughter receives the needed care and treatment. Basing on the congruent strategy of negotiation, the nurse must be in a position to convince Mrs. Nasser to compromise for the examination to be carried out. The compromise will however not come easily and this is where the nurse has a lot of work to do. The nurse actually has a duty to explain herself clearly to Mrs. Nasser to win her heart. She must make Mrs. Nasser understand that the reason for the...
From this research it is clear that it is important for the nurse to understand that her professionalism as a nurse transcends beyond her ability to give medical health to a patient. It also includes an ability to have a cordial and congenial atmosphere with clients and patients such that the clients and patients can have emotional health as well. The nurse should therefore respond by giving the patient enough room to express all her concerns so that after having all the substance of the concerns, she can strategies to address them one after the other. The rationale here is that when patients and clients are given enough room to express themselves, they co-operate better with nurses and nurses have the opportunity of giving them detailed healthcare. Communication is an important aspect of the nursing practice. It becomes even more important when nurses have to communicate not just among themselves as professionals but must communicate with their clients and patients, who must understand the nurses as professionals from a layman point of view. Due to this, nurses must learn to make themselves understood through the use of the right and most appropriate communication mechanisms. Communication is therefore critical when it is done at the interpersonal relationship level. Even more critical is when nurses have to communicate with people from different cultural background. When this situation arises, the nurse does not just have to make the patient understand him or her as a professional from a layman point of view but that the nurse must do everything possible to ensure that the communication is appropriate from the judgment and perspective of the client or patient. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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