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Cultural Competency and Cultural Humility in Nursing Practice - Essay Example

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Cultural Competency and Cultural Humility in Nursing Practice Name Institution Date Cultural Competency and Cultural Humility in Nursing Practice Culture is a diverse aspect in many regions across the globe. Different people are affiliated to a particular culture, race and ethnic diversity, and they maintain such…
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Cultural Competency and Cultural Humility in Nursing Practice
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, they have to ensure that the cultural, racial and ethnic diversity does not jeopardize their working criterion (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2008). Similarly, the ethnic and cultural diversity should not affect the quality of their services. This calls for undivided attention from the nurses in getting to know the cultural affiliations better. This will ensure the nurses give unparalleled services to the people that need them. In essence, the nurses have to slot various approaches in giving equal services to the people from different cultural affiliations. This will ensure the nursing profession is offering top notch services that are not affected in any way. However, if nurses do not create a perfect approach in serving people from different cultures, they will not be in a position to give the best services to the different ethnic and cultural groups that need these services. The first preparation for the nurses and practitioners is initiated by the institution and governing bodies to ensure the services that are offered in the institutions are not jeopardized. This has been the situation in many institutions as they look for better ways to prepare the nurses and medical practitioners on how to serve the people that need these services (Anderson, Calvillo and Fongwa, 2007). ...
With such preparations, most of the institutions are prepared to give the best services dispute the presence of different cultural and ethnic groups. In many instances, most of the institutions have incepted the idea of multicultural training of the physicians, nurses and medical practitioners. This approach has yielded substantial results to the nursing profession in reflection from the results. The multicultural training has been influential in changing nursing profession perspective to different ethnic and cultural groups. Many people have come up with models that try to explain the need for cultural humility and cultural competence in the nursing sector. Some of these models are explicit in their statements while other models bank on the basics of cultural competence. Therefore, for a nursing institution to achieve the best, it has to use a model that will ensure all the vital aspects are put into consideration (Tervalon and Garcia, 1998). The most prevalent model among the cultural care models is the self reflection and lifelong learner model. This is a model that has been used a number of times in the nursing profession to ensure people from different cultural affiliations are having the best services (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2008). In many instances, there is need for the nurses to understand that the people they are serving are from different cultural affiliations. Therefore, they will have to ensure they give all the people high class services despite their difference in cultural affiliations. With such actions, it is likely that the nursing profession will be recording an improvement over time. The first aspect in this model is to have knowledge of all health beliefs and many other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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