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Course: Nursing Roles in a Diverse Culture - Essay Example

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Nursing Roles in a Diverse Culture (Name) (University) (Date) Nursing Roles in a Diverse Culture Introduction Culture is a set of beliefs and values that mould a person’s behavior. It is highly related to individualism. A profession like nursing demands interaction with people from different cultures and traditions…
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Course: Nursing Roles in a Diverse Culture
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Download file to see previous pages As scholars point out, “with expanding immigration, increasing globalization, and minority population growth, there is a need to enrich the diversity within the nursing profession to better meet the needs of our changing society.” (Bednarz, Schim & Doorenbos, 2010). Diversified courses have been formulated in nursing programs to prepare the students in serving clients from different communities. One of the greatest challenges in the health care industry is the scarcity of adequately qualified staff to meet the needs of clients from a highly varied ethnic and cultural composition of the society. A major step in solving problems related to cultural differences in the health care system was transcultural movement. Transcultural nursing also became known as a way to combine the concept of culture in to all aspects of nursing while providing healthcare (Desantis, 1988; Giger & Davidhizar, 2004). The nurses of the future have to be taught to apply culture and diversity in a clinical setting. For that the nursing curricula should reflect culturally diverse learning styles. Course Description The course would aim at equipping a nurse to respond appropriately to the cultural needs of the client. For that a wholesome training in one’s own culture, the culture of the client and how to bridge the gap between the two will be provided. This enables the nurse to ensure care in accordance with the cultural need of the client. Cultural competence is the ability of the nurse to work effectively with in the cultural context of the patient. Knowledge about cultural diversity and their impact on interactions in the healthcare arena is essential for nurses working anywhere, be it in a clinical setting, administration or a research centre. The course helps the nurses to know about traditional treatment methods of different cultures, their conceptualization of illness, health and wellness, healers in particular communities and their social status among them etc. The course trains the nurse to understand that cultural variation means each client should be evaluated based on individual cultural differences. The program analyses the influence of recent, political and demographic changes in delivery of health care. The course includes vital information regarding various healthcare practices, values and beliefs. Additionally, as Crow (1993) (Lowe, 2002) purport, nursing curricula should reflect culturally diverse learning styles. As DeSantis (1991) points out, integrating the emicetic approach in patient care in the nursing curriculum, theory and practice helps the development of anthropological perspective among students. Course Objectives At the end of the course, nursing students will be able to 1. Realizes that cultural beliefs and practices are as integral as physical and psycho social factors in nursing process, 2. recognize the similarities in different cultures, 3. ask pertinent research questions utilizing cross cultural body of knowledge, 4. Reach a position to influence professional policies and practice in response to cultural diversity, 5. Uproot the thoughts of ethnocentrism and thereby help in establishing a smooth nurse-client interaction, 6. Attain skill in cultural assessment of the patient; that is obtaining necessary information from the patient that will help ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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