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Assessment task 2 - Essay Example

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Nursing Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Table of contents Nursing 1 Name: 1 Course: 1 Tutor: 1 Date: 1 PART I 2 PART II 2 Causes of stroke 3 STROKE RISK FACTORS 4 Symptoms 4 Treatment 5 TREATMENT IN THE HOSPITAL 5 LONG-TERM TREATMENT 6 Prognosis 6 Possible Complications 7 Reference: 7 PART I These are my clinical questions formulated after reading and following the format of patient’s problem or his/her population, intervention, comparison and outcome .commonly known as PICO format (Sackett, et al 1997)…
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Assessment task 2
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Download file to see previous pages iv. The outcome of the intervention is for better diagnosis which helps to set the appropriate treatment for the patient. The question that makes need of my research is whether performing of ECG test on patient arrival helps in better diagnosis compared to delayed ECG test on stroke’s patients ? PART II The method of searching online has been used as a resource for information. These are research healthcare databases such as Medline plus, U.S National Library of medicine. The reason to use this database is that it is a nursing database that you can search online and offer usually access a greater scope of information. The most nursing research and articles as well as journal are found mainly on this database. Medline plus is also a free access to the public. This provides a tool for nursing in finding the resources a given case study as it is in my research. I made my search on electronic databases as well as catalogues in finding the information that was to link the case study of ECG test on stroke and also give the appropriate information. I made use of a key word that was typed on Google search. The basic search method that was followed are; identifying the key concept to be searched, entering keyword into the Google search box , clicking on search then an appropriate database was evaluated based on information presented and the level of trust to the source of this information. On evaluation after comparison with other sources such as The Alan E. Lindsay, ECG Learning center in cyber space but felt Medline plus had more accurate information which met my search demand. Other sources that were identified and downloaded on this ECG test but gave sketchy information on it and hence Medline plus was taken as the best. PART III A stroke usually happens if the blood flow stops to some part of the brain. Causes of stroke When blood flow get stopped for long as few seconds and the brain does not get blood which carries with it oxygen then it can cause the cells to die and this causes a permanent damage. Usually there are two types of stroke that are major. They include; ischemic and also hemorrhagic stroke. Ischemic stroke occurs at the time when blood vessel supplying blood to the brain gets blocked by a clot in blood. This usually happens in two ways: A clot forms in the artery which is very narrow (thrombotic stroke),a clot breaks off right from any place of blood vessels that are in the brain or from other parts of the body and then travels to the brain(cerebral embolism or the embolic stroke). Ischemic strokes can be caused by clogging of arteries. Some Fat and cholesterol usually collect on the walls of arteries and forms sticky substance known as plaque. Hemorrhagic stroke usually occurs if the blood vessel on brain part is weak and bursts thereby causes blood leak to the brain. Some people may have defects that are in blood vessels and in the brain making this likely to happen (Latchaw 2009). STROKE RISK FACTORS High blood pressure is a high risk for strokes followed by the others such as; Atrial fibrillation, Diabetes, Family history on stroke, High cholesterol, age(especially in age 55 and above) and race such as black people who are more prone to dying of a stroke. People with heart disease and also poor blood flow from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assessment Task 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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