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Stroke Rehabilitation Certification Program including education and core competencies required for all Certified Rehab Registere - Research Paper Example

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Stroke Rehabilitation Certification Program including Education and Core Competencies Required for All Certified Rehab Registered Nurses (CRRN). Name: Institution: Abstract A stroke, also known as cerebrovascular accident is the quick loss of function(s) of the brain as a result of the impediment of the general supply of blood flow to the brain…
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Stroke Rehabilitation Certification Program including education and core competencies required for all Certified Rehab Registere
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Download file to see previous pages This stroke is caused by clotting of blood, which in turn prevents blood flow through an artery or vein to the brain. When discovered early, this kind of stroke is treated by a drug that dissolves obstructing cots in the artery. Hemorrhagic stroke is the second common type of stroke. It is less common, and is caused by rupturing of a blood vessel in the brain thereby spilling to the surrounding tissue. As a result of the spillage, brain cells in the area die due to the lack of oxygen and nutrients required for them to function. The most common stroke risk factors are high blood pressure, heart disease, carotid artery disease, cigarette smoking diabetes and excessive consumption of alcohol. Its symptoms include numbness especially on one side of the body, confusion (either talking or listening), a severe headache, and dizziness, as well as, lose of balance. This paper will examine the role rehabilitation nurses’ play in caring for stroke patients, how certification for the program is awarded as well as the core competencies required. The paper will also look at the impact by CNS, aspects of spheres of influence and synergy model. Introduction Stroke rehabilitation is the process within which patients suffering from stroke are treated in order for them to be able to continue with their daily life. Its main goal is to assist patients relearn the skills that were lost when stroke affected them. But the rate at which one relearns these skills varies according to the person affected. Stroke rehabilitation includes therapy to regain communication disorders such as listening, writing and comprehension. It also involves patients undergoing excises in order for them to regain their muscle strength. Once patients gain their muscle strengths, this is usually accompanied by mobility training which usually includes patients being taught how to use walking aids. In some instances, the use of electrical stimulation is involved in order to arouse weakened muscles so as they can contract (Chick et al., 2004). Stroke rehabilitation should begin once a patient has discovered what he/she is suffering from. This is aimed at stabilizing the patient’s medical condition. On the other hand, the duration of stroke rehabilitation depends on the recovery of the patients as most stroke survivors require more time. In essence, a rehabilitation center is supposed to ensure that a patient in a position to do better and became independent especially through enabling the patient to tolerate the changes that have emerged on their brain and body due to the stroke. This makes them be able to adjust more to living within their home, with family or even the entire community (Lindley, 2008). Need for Stroke Rehabilitation Program Stroke rehabilitation is aimed at helping stroke survivors reach high levels of independence and try to restore their productivity (Massaro, 2006). A rehabilitation program begins immediately a person is confirmed to be suffering from stroke. They offer the program even after a patient is released from the hospital as per the flexibility of an individual. Rehabilitation does not necessarily cure the stroke, but it helps survivors achieve greatest achievable long term outcomes. On the other hand, rehabilitation will largely depend on the damage that has been caused to the brain. Of most important is to ensure that survivors are in a position of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Stroke Rehabilitation Certification Program Including Education and Research Paper.
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