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Developing an attendance management and rehabilitaion policy - Essay Example

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Theory of absenteeism classifies absenteeism into three types namely white, black and grey. White absenteeism refers to honest behaviour that is evidenced by health problems. Black absenteeism is…
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Developing an attendance management and rehabilitaion policy
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Extract of sample "Developing an attendance management and rehabilitaion policy"

Download file to see previous pages Under Innocent absenteeism, employees fail to go to work for reasons that are beyond their control. According to Cascio & Boudreau (2008, p. 45), IHC, which is one of the UK healthcare consultants argued that half of UK workplace absence his not often related with health problems. People just decide to attend their domestic or personal issues while others are not motivated by their jobs and various other reasons (Griffin, 2011, p. 280). Absenteeism is a global issues that face almost all companies though rates of absenteeism varies across companies depending on company location, size, industry type, weather, and job stress inherent in a given job position and responsibility.
Some of the reasons for work absenteeism include poor attitude toward work that may rise from abuse of freedom or critical issues like sick leave permissions. Personal or family problems including the need to take care of sick children or elderly, family conflicts, pregnancy problems among most women among other reasons are cited as common causes of absenteeism (Jacobson and School of Psychology, 2007, p. 136). In organizations where the workforce constitutes of aging population, there are often high rates of absenteeism since older people may not be able to hand work overload. In places where employees are stressed, absenteeism is often high, work-related stress may rise from poor feedback between employees and management, harassment and bullying, poor remunerations, overworking among other issues. As mentioned by Jacobson and School of Psychology (2007, p. 136), involuntary absenteeism may occur where employees are not provided with required transport. Other reasons of absenteeism may include activities of the organization such as trips, entertainment or training of staff.
According to Cascio & Boudreau (2008, p. 46), some of the direct costs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Developing an Attendance Management and Rehabilitaion Policy Essay.
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