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A healthcare professional should strive to explore all care options available, in order to effectively meet the stroke patient’s physical, social and emotional…
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Holistic approach to long term conditions
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Download file to see previous pages The systematic approach in treatment involves addressing the root of the problems and consequent effects. While some health problems are short-term, others are long-term and require continuous medical care to alleviate the effects. In many cases, long-term conditions like stroke require continuous rehabilitation through medication and different forms of therapy. Prior to developing a comprehensive treatment and care plan for patients with terminal ailments, it is imperative to understand the different progression stages of a given disease (Alexander and Runciman, 2006, p. 65). This paper seeks to provide insight into the treatment and care approach that a healthcare professional or caregiver can use for stroke patients. For an all inclusive examination, the manuscript evaluates specific stages of a stroke patient’s journey, including diagnosis, living for today, transition and end of life. These phases are examined not only within the context of their distinctive features, but also on the basis of care measures taken by healthcare professionals and caregivers at each stage. The principal focus, however, is on the living for today phase of stroke management. A holistic approach to caring for stroke patients during this phase, allows healthcare professionals to accord patients, as well as, their families an opportunity to uphold their life quality.
Long-term patients usually go through four principal stages of life, that is, diagnosis, sustained living, transition or progression phase and finally the end of life (Donnan and Davis, 2008, p. 78). Even though these stages are not entirely distinct, they all present a vital opportunity for professionals in the medical field and caregivers, to ease the pain and suffering of patients, while making their life as comfortable as possible. These phases and their constituent features are outlined and described briefly in the subsequent sections.
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