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What causes stroke in the Human Brain - Assignment Example

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The article is seen to be keen to attempt and identify the genetics involved in stroke and lists some genetic causes of stroke as variously including CADASIL, CARASIL, Marfan Syndrome, sickle cell disease and Marfan syndrome as being one of the prime causes of stroke. …
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What causes stroke in the Human Brain
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Extract of sample "What causes stroke in the Human Brain"

Download file to see previous pages One of the primary genetic causes of stroke has been shown to be CADASIL which tends to display a number of familial inheritance patterns in which the primary responsible gene has usually been identified. According to Bevan and Markus (1), CADASIL is usually seen to present with at least one of four given manifestations that include, cognitive deficit, Lacunar stroke and TIA, migraine with aura or even psychiatric disturbance in the form of a depression that is seen to precede the onset of an estimated 30% of stroke cases. CADASIL has been attributed to be primarily due to the occurrence of highly stereotyped mutations occurring in the Notch3 gene. These mutations that are seen to lead to CADASIL subsequently disrupt the highly conserved cysteine residue converting the number of these residues that normally stands at 6 to an odd number. This phenotype has been found to be variably present within certain given families.
UK Website The Stroke.UK organization website is essentially a Stroke Association website that is developed to aid in the provision of support to the various stroke survivors.
It is designed in such a manner that various professionals and charity group organizations are able to use it to provide support to stroke survivors so as to aid them in making the very best recovery that they possibly can. The website provides key information that is seen to essentially be quite useful to individuals in aiding them in obtaining more information on stroke. The organization also has an estimated over 20 years of research on stroke and has contributed to the development of a number of research review papers published in different journals. High Blood Pressure The United Kingdom Stroke Association is seen to point out that having a high blood pressure is perceived to be the biggest cause of stroke for not only the older adults but also the younger persons as an estimated 30 percent of individuals aged below 50 that have had a stroke are shown to also have a generally high blood pressure (Strokeassocation 1). The use of combined oral contraceptive pills is identified as being among the many factors that might potentially result in high blood pressure. These pills have been seen to cause the blood to become more likely to clot and thus significantly increase the risk of one developing high blood pressure. It is generally recommended that women that happen to have a number of other stroke risk factors such as high blood pressure or smoking should try and avoid the use of these pills (Strokeassocation 3). Summary of Tuomilehto J. et al. Article The peer reviewed article by Tuomilehto Diabetes Mellitus as a Risk Factor for Death From Stroke. is a research paper that provides crucial information on the link between the increased stroke and hypertension risk of individuals seen to be having diabetes mellitus. The objective of the study conducted in the article was to attempt to study and perform a critical assessment of the invariably independent effect of diabetes as a key risk factor for stroke. The study which was conducted in Eastern Finland over a follow up period spanning at an average follow up period of about 16.4 years involved about 8572 women and 8077 men. Summary of Lewis Kuller Stroke and Diabetes Article The article ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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