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Stroke - Research Paper Example

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Course Number Term Report Topic Date Contents Introduction 2 Causes of Stroke and Common Drug Treatments 3 Common Symptoms of Stroke and Identification Technique 3 Non-drug Treatments 4 Conclusion 5 References 6 Professor Name Paper Date Stroke: A Common but, Misunderstood Condition Introduction The stroke is a medical condition in which, the blood supply to the mind of the patient diminishes and therefore, he or she is known to suffer from memory loss, limited physical capability and dizziness…
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Download file to see previous pages The problem about stroke’s presence is prevalent in all parts of the world and therefore, the number of patients suffering from stroke is growing in all parts of the globe on an annual basis. The people are busy in making a living whereas, they are least bothered by the medical condition of their close relatives and let alone colleagues and friends. The government and medical facilities are also lethargic in terms of spreading the word about the featured illness and therefore, general public usually confuses the condition with daily life stress and burnout. The people suffering from stroke are often suggested to take rest and antidepressants but, these superficial solutions have been identified as responsible for aggravating the prior situation. The inactivity of the brain contributes notably towards causing brain-cells to die and therefore, the journey of stroke towards total collapse becomes shorter than most of the people think. It is also important and imperative to note that antidepressants play a significant role in killing the brain-cells of the person, who is already suffering from mild stroke. Causes of Stroke and Common Drug Treatments According to recent research on the topic, it was found that thickening of the blood is a main reason for stroke as thick blood does not flow swiftly in the body while in addition it clots and causes the blood supply to the brain to decrease (Astorm, Adolfson and Asplund pp. 980). The people who do not exercise on a routine basis or do not drink sufficient water are believed to be the usual victims of the disease (Landau pp 596). Moreover, people who suffered or are suffering major physical trauma in their lives, are also noticed to become serious sufferers of the disease. The people with unhealthy eating habits and obesity have been placed at the top of the potential patients’ list. Nevertheless, in summary it can be established that lack of awareness and physical activity are among the major causes of stroke in developed and underdeveloped countries alike. Along with these reason, poor eating habits and obesity are believed to be the sources of the featured disease in the so-called modern era of the 21st century. The doctors usually recommend aspirin, plavix and other similar drugs. Common Symptoms of Stroke and Identification Technique The misconception that dizziness, lack of ability to maintain body balance and memory loss are caused by stress and burnout are leading towards increase in the number of dying patients from stroke. However, there is simple technique to identify whether or not the person is suffering from stroke. Firstly, ask him or her to say “it is sunny out there”. Secondly request the person to raise their both arms to a full extent and if the concerned person is not able to perform one or both of the abovementioned tasks then surely he or she is a potential victim of less blood supply to the brain. The technique is simple yet surprisingly effective because it calls upon both mental and physical engagement of the person and therefore, it can help in deciphering the level of probability associated with possibility of the stroke. Importantly, human mind has to engage more energetically when a person is making an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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