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Exploration of Essential Skills for Nurses - Essay Example

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RUNNING HEAD: DEVELOPMENT OF SELF AS NURSE Exploration of Essential skills for Nurses Name: Instructor's name: Course: Date: Abstract Nursing is a versatile duty that needs to be carried out on various ethical and therapeutic principles on which the patient-nurse relationship is built…
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Exploration of Essential Skills for Nurses
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Download file to see previous pages Necessarily these skills include social perceptiveness, reading comprehension, oral comprehension, judgment and decision making, advocacy, compassion, excellent communication and observation skills, ability to answer questions and to work as part of a team, problem sensitivity, critical thinking, etc. Indeed nurses should be skillful enough to apply all of these principles of nursing in order to procure the highest possible excellence in their job. Nurses are to be sincere enough to avoid the subtle violation of the patients’ rights that are provided by these principles. Exploration of Essential skills for Nurses Introduction Nurses are the indispensable component of modern health care industry. A registered nurse must achieve all of the essential nursing skills and have clear understanding of the philosophical connotations of the principles in order to avoid the inclusive confusions. Necessarily these skills include social perceptiveness, reading comprehension, oral comprehension, judgment and decision making, advocacy, compassion, excellent communication and observation skills, ability to answer questions and to work as part of a team, problem sensitivity, critical thinking, etc. ...
allenging skill that a nurse urgently should achieve is ‘decision making’ in which the nurses and the health care professionals, who are involved in caring the patients, are faced with several dilemma and crisis. Normally decision-making in nursing includes the ethical values and laws. But some the set of ethical values fails to encapsulate the unexpected situation in the patient’s condition, which often poses difficulties because of the emotional factors, beliefs, etc. Bukhardt and Nathaniel (2002) says, “It can stir numerous emotion laced with both certainty and doubt about the rightness of the decision” (p. 132). Emotion will need an extra concern in such cases in order to avoid the possible unexpected outcomes. Necessarily actions needs to be taken by the participants on the decisions made previously. But certainly “after acting upon the decision, the participants begin a process of response and evaluation” (Bukhardt & Nathaniel, 2002, p. 132). Indeed a health care professional or a nurse should go through four steps: articulation of the problem, Gathering data, Exploration of the strategies, implementing the strategies and Evaluation of the outcome. With the following decision making steps the dilemma of this nurse can be solved: a. Articulation of the problem, b. Gathering data, c. Exploration of the strategies, d. Implementing the strategies and e. Evaluation of the outcome. Social Perceptiveness and Perceiving the Ethical Concerns Nurses have to be socially perceptive and they have a good amount of comprehensive knowledge of the ethics and norms of the community in which they are supposed to work. According to Nightingale nursing should be based on the environmental and social adaptation. For her environment should determine the traits of nursing. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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