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Tranitioning to registered nurse - Essay Example

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Transitioning to Registered Nurse Name: Institution: TRANSITIONING TO REGISTERED NURSE Issue 1: Professional Communication Task 1 The initial process between Mrs. Brown and I is for Mrs. Brown to understand that we are involved a relationship that is reliable, confidential, safe, and consistent with clear and appropriate boundaries (Wilkes & Wallis, 2008)…
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Tranitioning to registered nurse
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Extract of sample "Tranitioning to registered nurse"

Download file to see previous pages Brown. In order to establish a therapeutic relationship, communication skills are significantly important. Communication has two major purposes: obtain information and to influence others, which are essential in establishing a relationship (Scott et al, 2009). It is possible for me to develop this interaction in the form of therapeutic communication. Therapeutic communication is a basic intervention for nurses for use in therapeutic relationships. It encourages idea and feelings expression, whereas conveying the acceptance and respect of the nurse (Thomas et al, 2009). In this case, one technique of communication that can help is active listening, which is one of the most important techniques of communication. It will allow me to understand the communicated message better, which will be a good way to develop trust with Mrs. Brown. The strategy of active listening will help me to start understanding Mrs. Brown better, as well as attend to her effectively. In a case that the patient feels that the nurse needs to attend to them, the patient would have more trust for the nurse, which would allow her to open up about problems or anxiety that they could be facing (Thomas et al, 2009). ...
To begin with, empathy is a skill required by nurses in establishing therapeutic relationships. It is all about attending, understanding, listening, and observing, as well as being with the patient emotionally, cognitively, and physically (Skott, 2010). Empathy will allow Jesse to understand the situation Mrs. Brown is in, as well as objectively realize her past and current experiences. Therapeutic relationships, along with empathy, will let the GRN communicate with the patient without judging her (Skott, 2010). Building a strong relationship based on trust could encourage the patient to become more confident and talk on issues openly with the GRN. Via the implementation of therapeutic strategies, Jesse can aid Mrs. Brown to attain skills for achievement of her goals and implement an effective discharge plan. In taking care of Mrs. Brown, Jesse should put her focus on promoting independence and self-care. Towards Mrs. Brown’s termination of hospital stay, the nurse will have to focus the manner in which she will live after hospitalization. Jesse will be the best planer for the discharge, as the therapeutic relationship development will put her in a situation to evaluate and assess Mrs. Brown. Discharge planning will involve patient assessment and provision of information that could prevent any future health setback (Lubinski, 2009). There are four phases of therapeutic relationships pre-interaction, introductory, working, and termination phases. The final phase is termination and the nurse should ensure that the patient, prior to discharge, has the capability to care for himself or herself. Therapeutic relationship’s importance can also be seen in this phase where the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Tranitioning to Registered Nurse Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words)
Tranitioning to Registered Nurse Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
“Tranitioning to Registered Nurse Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words”, n.d.
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