The Exploration and Advancement of the Concept of Trust in Nursing - Research Paper Example

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The Exploration and Advancement of the Concept of Trust in Nursing.
Trust is an essential part of our lives and it has an ascendant role in our society. Study was conducted which aimed at exploring trust from the nurse’s perception and experiences…
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The Exploration and Advancement of the Concept of Trust in Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages Graduate nurses were employed in this research. A graduate nurse is a nurse working for first year after completion of their degree program and they are on a house job. The method incorporated included qualitative description. Seven nurses took part in the research. The criterion was currently working nurses, practicing their house jobs in Melbourne hospital and registered as division of nursing branch. Purposeful sampling strategy was used. The purposeful sampling focuses on selecting a population who will illuminate the question under studies. The finding was that they had no experience after their graduation of the trust and faced problems treating their patients. What led to develop a confidence in their patient was described in four steps which fostered their relation like building a rapport, focusing on improved communication skills and time taken in building of successful trust (Belcher and Jones, 2009). The Concept of “Trust” “You will get better with this medicine”, “consult a doctor”, “look for a psychiatrist he better knows your problems” etc. these statements show a part of the trust we share with the public around us. Trust is a person’s ability to predict what others will do next or what circumstance can come next. However, the scope of trust is being neglected in the circle of science for long as it relates to spiritual concept having no particular strategy to weigh down its crucibles in professional fields such as healthcare (Mok and Pui, 2004). Scientific study for the concept was mandatory to highlight the importance and hence, improve the relationships among the people at workplace or a highly trust dependent field of healthcare, sociology, physiology etc. In health care, three actors play a crucial role in the ‘trust’ play. They are the state, the healthcare practitioner and the patient and other disciplines are likewise. For better service, trust is both a virtue and an obligation; hence it is a crucial factor in therapeutic relationship. There has been a lot said and discussed about the concept, but the gravity of ‘trust” ideology remains unrecognized. For this purpose, instead of more and more verbal war and never-ending discussions, a scientific approach to test the ‘trust’ hypothesis is established, to negate the skeptics related to the social issue in field of science and, to offer a concrete ground for the hypothesis to stand upon in healthcare sciences. The concept is researched by the way of social sciences research strategy as it is a complicated research to test the concepts. The methods chosen consisted of four basic phases. First is the analysis of the concepts by collected data then concept advancement is made by making principles based on initial analysis. The concept is then examined in the light of the principles. Finally, reviewing the researched data, therapeutic definitions are made. In the first step the concept is developed and analyzed by using review of the specific literature (Hupcey, et. al., 2002). Methods of concept analysis were undertaken to develop the concept of trust; like analytic questioning was employed which lead to the emergence of such issued that could help in determining the level of maturity of the concept of trust. Other than employing analytic questioning, congruence is searched for across the fields to look for common theoretical basis or ‘linkages’ in the literature of nursing, medicine, psychology and sociology (Hupcey, et. al., 2002). The analysis generated results that in a lay man’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Exploration and Advancement of the Concept of Trust in Nursing Research Paper.
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