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Nursing Practices Over the Years - Essay Example

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Nursing Practices over the Years Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Comparing and Contrasting the Nursing Education 4 Conclusion 7 References 8 Introduction The concept of nursing has been explained in many ways over these years but the basics of nursing still remain the same…
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Nursing Practices Over the Years
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Download file to see previous pages They defined nursing to be the analysis and taking care of the human reactions of real or possible health hazards. It should also be noted in this regard that along with the definition of nursing, the education related to nursing has also undergone a substantial change over the period (Royal College of Nursing, 2011). Comparing and Contrasting the Nursing Education The commencement of professional nursing dates back to the school of England in 19th century which was set up by Florence Nightingale. Here ethical teachings and values that were profession-shaping were taught and exchanged. Florence Nightingale’s success in the field of nursing seemed to be a milestone although performance of her school graduates in those days was way below the expectation. Previously, owing to the powerful medical manipulation, the educationists related to nursing stressed mostly on technical training compared to science and art of nursing. But, today the nursing education emphasizes on a much broader aspect than just technical training (Butts, 2007). The reason for this spectacular change is because of the changing societal requirements and influences. In the earlier years, nursing was not practiced at a professional level like the way it is done today. Back in those days, nurses were required to cater to the patients’ spiritual requirements compared to the physical ones. Requirement of nurses was such where the nurses would be accountable to the physicians or surgeons first and also would correctly look after their patients. The nurses were even needed to keep a check on the treatments which were ordered by the physicians as well as surgeons. The perception of nursing back then was not based on technical training. Nurses only needed to care for those people who were not able to care for or pay attention to themselves owing to health reasons. They were not required to be technically trained as anything related to the technical procedures and medications was handled by the physicians as well as the surgeons (Hutchinson, 1998). The basic responsibility of the nurses which was considered to be the main attribute was their obedience towards the physicians. The nurses during that time were not permitted to question or disagree with the physicians. They had to carry out the orders and instructions of the physicians’ in spite of not agreeing with them. The primary aim of a nursing staff has remained the same over the years. In the present day context as well, they are expected to remain obedient towards the physicians and provide necessary assistance to them in order to provide health care support to the patient (Royal College of Nursing, 2011). Thus, it is quite evident that no such technical training was required for nurses in those days. They were only required to be willing to extent their help to ease the sufferings of the sick and help them with their services. After the establishment of the nursing school by Florence Nightingale, the need for technical training for the nurses was recognized. The nurses were trained to carry out the instructions of the physicians for which an understanding regarding the medicines were needed. Technical training remained limited to this (Royal College of Nursing, 2011). The teaching of nursing and performance underwent alterations due to the varying wants of the society. Nursing practice is getting affected due to the advancements made in the field of technology and science. Nurses are required to work ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nursing Practices Over the Years Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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