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The Affect of Nursing Shortage in U.S. Hospital - Essay Example

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This essay talks about the US economy which is on its way to resurgence implying that it plunges into a great challenge in the past years. There are significant areas in the country that are affected by this event in its economic history. One of these areas is its health care system. …
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The Affect of Nursing Shortage in U.S. Hospital
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Download file to see previous pages According to the report findings the market for nursing jobs in the world is also very competitive leading the US to compete with other more stable economies. Thus, this would imply that the US needs to create a more competitive environment for nursing jobs. However, considering its present situation and problems with its health care system, the problem would become more complex leading nurses to perform more than just what is enough or required in order to meet the higher value paid for health care. In other words, more nurses would be willing to spend their time and invest their skills in countries where there is corresponding significant value for their professional service.
This paper highlights that the U.S. economy is said to be on its way to resurgence. This is an indication that the country suffered economic problem and once again is about to take the plunge to create a vibrant dominance in the world economy. In the same way, this is about time to restore the great impact that the U.S. economy brought to other economies such as Asia-Pacific which has become dependent on its trade and financial linkages with the U.S. The U.S. is on the process of hiring and rehiring its manpower in order to help boost the economy. There is a major reason why there is a need to lay off some workers and to rehire them. A reported case about shortage of pediatric nurse educator in the U.S. was associated with competitive salaries, budget cut and other economic-related issues. (Leonard et al., 2008). In line with this, there is a clear emphasis how the U.S. economy creates a significant impact even on the level of education for nursing in the first place. In the U.S. there is an advantage for clinical salaries. Thus, there is a great desire to go for clinical jobs compared to those careers only related to them. However, this is just a small part of the issue. The reported economic crisis in the U.S. is said to affect the healthy flow of economic condition in the country. In this reason, consumers are hesitant to spend more, bankers are cautious to lend and entrepreneurs are focusing on calculating risk (Brooks, 2009). In this kind of thinking, it is expected that the US has more than what the economic crisis could bring. Brook was right when he said that ‘the US is in psychological crisis.’ In whatever ways it could be said about the U.S. recent economic condition, everything is clear that it started with a simple declaration about its economic status in the world. The impact of the said move triggered beyond economic understanding because people are given with ambiguous information about the status of the U.S. economy. There is no exact information that could tell up to what level does the US economy is trying to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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