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The Impact of Nursing Shortage upon the Healthcare Industry - Research Paper Example

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Methodology Name Institution Course Chapter 3: Methodology This chapter provides a detailed outline of the proposed research study design and expands on the elements of such design, with a particular focus on the research approach to the proposed study. As regards methodology for this study, the researcher considered interviewing health care professionals but rather used the survey technique…
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The Impact of Nursing Shortage upon the Healthcare Industry
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Extract of sample "The Impact of Nursing Shortage upon the Healthcare Industry"

Download file to see previous pages Different studies were conducted in the past concerning the possible causes of the increasing shortage of nurses and the impact on the quality of health services provided to the patients. This research will intend to gather the opinions of nurses and doctors with respect to the surging pressure resulting from the declining numbers of nurses. It becomes evident that the number of nurses offering care to patients is declining over time for various reasons. Some of these reasons include low salaries accorded to nurses, and the increasing requirements of nursing practice. Other researchers have attributed the decline to the lack of favorable working conditions, the rising demands of aged people requiring health care, and availability of other career options. The research hopes to rely on data collected from 85 participants who will describe their opinions as answers to the questionnaires. For this research to be a success, there is the need for the researcher to determine specific methods that will be used in evaluating the data collected from filled-in online questionnaires. Data evaluation involves both the process of collection and that of analysis (Blunch, 2008). SPSS is one of the software products available in the market, which is critical in analyzing data from questionnaires. It has the potential to analyze and validate data from questionnaires, so it will be the data collection method used in this search. Since SPSS can analyze multivariate factors, it has a lot of validity as an effective tool in this research. I will expect data highlighting different factors, and I can rely on it to analyze the various responses from participants in my research. Reliability and validity. Three procedures in data evaluation will be used and include metadata preparation, data validation, and model preparation (Boswell & Cannon, 2011). The use of SPSS will offer a level of integration between validity and reliability as the tool helps the researcher analyze data effectively irrespective of how many variables exist. The SPSS software enables readers and other related parties to be certain of the undertaken research and gleaned information. Therefore, it is essentially a reliable and valid tool to deliver updated information concerning health issues and ascertaining the extent to which some of those issues may be hibernating to cause an unprecedented harm. The approach is reliable in aiding researchers to acquire certainty in medical and nursing procedures, thus ensuring validity of the accrued findings. It is a valid tool to guarantee accuracy and evidently proven researches. The essence is that the software diminishes any chances of perforation of information and data while enabling researchers to engage in advanced experiments to solve vital health issues. The coefficient values will be also calculated using SPSS. This explains why this tool will be of immense help in this research. The fact that SPSS can assist in performing all these tasks proves its reliability and validity. After data evaluation, the researcher will come up with graphical representations of the results and correlation values making it easy to draw conclusions (Polit & Beck, 2013). The software guarantees the safekeeping of data in different versions and ease in accessibility. Therefore, it is the most ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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