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The Relative Advantages And Disadvantages of Pull-out vs Classroom-based Communication Intervention - Research Paper Example

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The issue of relative efficacy of pull out versus classroom based communication intervention has been controversial and subject to years of research and legal battles. The current research aims to provide a comprehensive review of evidences available for the comparative advantages and disadvantages of classroom based and pull-out communication interventions. …
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The Relative Advantages And Disadvantages of Pull-out vs Classroom-based Communication Intervention
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Download file to see previous pages o do so the following objectives were pursued during the course of the study: What are the research based evidences favoring either of the classroom or pull out interventions? Evaluation of the evidences available Critical analysis of the evidences to answer the fundamental question of which of the two interventions, i.e. of classroom based and pull out interventions, are more effective. B. Overview The process of inclusion forming the basis of classroom-based interventions can be traced back to 1950s when parents of children with disabilities started a movement leading to implementation of The Education All Handicapped Children Act of 1975 (PL 94-142), rendering mandatory free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment for all children, regardless of disability. Consequently, resource rooms and self-contained classrooms for children with disabilities were included in schools. PL 94-142 was further updated in 1991 by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) (Schooling et al., 2010). Despite the legislations and provision favoring inclusion, the consensus in favor of either of the intervention strategies is lacking. Proponents of classroom based intervention argue that inclusion simulates and therefore prepares the child for the real world, lack of seclusion and discrimination leads to enhancement of self esteem, it enhances social interaction and hence mutual bonding among regular and special needs children, and can also take advantage of peer based instructional programmes (DuPaul, 1998). Contrary to this, several concerns have been voiced for the efficacy of classroom based interventions. The lack of individualized instructions and adaptations by teachers for special children in regular classrooms as advised in PL94-142 has been the...
The basic research strategy includes selection of topic, a research design appropriate for data collection, data collection and analysis, and finding answer to the research question on the basis of data. Nature of research designs that can be considered for providing evidences can be classified into two basic categories: descriptive and experimental. While descriptive research is appropriate for description of a process; experimental design is suitable for investigation of cause effect relationship. Thus the research strategy that are most rigorous with reference to their design and hence are considered to provide most important evidences are those that involve an experimental, quasi experimental or regression discontinuity design.
This report makes a conclusion that classrooms and pull-out; both interventions have been and should be discussed in context to the special needs child; giving primary consideration to the goal of education “to promote learning and life skills for young people and adults”. Putting a child in either of these settings is as advantageous as it is disadvantageous. A collaborative learning model, where the child can be benefitted from both of these and protected from the shortcomings of both of these settings would be an appropriate and practical approach for education of special needs child, which is being practiced in form of mainstreaming. Mainstreaming requires the student to be taken out of a general education classroom to receive special education services for topic areas that they need additional support. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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