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The stress experienced by nurses at workplace leads to problems like low performance, burnout, injuries, absenteeism, depression, hopelessness etc. (Rout, U. and Rout, J. 2002, p. 77), which in turn affects the personal and professional lives of nurses. …
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Positive Leadership: Core of a Healthy Workplace
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Download file to see previous pages Stress not only affects the nurses but also affects leaders and managers, making it difficult for them to provide proper psychological and moral support to the nurses (Huber, 2006, p. 103). However, the problems and illnesses caused by workplace related stress are too large and intense to ignore. A study by Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (2008) has found that more than 16 million nursing hours are lost due to illness, absenteeism and injury resulting from workplace stress (Austin & Boyd, 2008, p. 56). It has to be understood by the management that if nurses suffer from work related emotional and psychological disorders, then they will not be able to provide proper care and moral support to the patients they are caring for (Austin & Boyd, 2008, p. 56). Hence, there is an immediate and urgent need for some effective steps and strategies to be designed by the leaders in the nursing organizations to promote healthy behavior, practices and environment, to make the nursing organizations a healthy and happy place to work at.
Importance Of Healthy Workplace
Studies have found that if problems related to workplace continue in nursing profession, then by 2020, health care organizations will experience a shortage of 400,000 registered nurses (Shirey, 2006, p.256). This shows that there is an urgent need to provide healthy workplaces for people in nursing profession. A healthy workplace is defined as a workplace where employees and leaders practice healthy behavior, the psychosocial environment is stress free, and the safety and occupational health of the employees is given priority (Kelloway, Teed & Prosser, 2008, p.25). It has been found that the leadership style and strategies used by the leaders in the organization is the major factor responsible for workplace to be healthy (Kelloway, Teed & Prosser, 2008, p.25). Hence, it is very important for leaders to understand the core values of nursing profession, and implement them effectively to create a healthy and a happy workplace. This is because if the workplace is not healthy, then the productivity and the effectiveness of nurses decreases and harms the long term goals and vision of the organization. Most importantly, healthy workplace is important not only for the health of the patients but plays a vital role in maintaining the health of nurses, which is an important asset of nursing organizations. Role of Organizations Healthy workplace is extremely important to promote loyalty, job satisfaction and productivity of nurses. It is the responsibity of nursing organizations to create healthy work environment for nursing professionals (Klainberg & Dirschel, 2010, p.86). There are many problems that nurses experience at workplace that can lead to dejection and loss of interest in work. Some of the problems are role ambiguity, lack of appreciation from seniors, unfair treatment, long working hours, fear of failure, lack of growth opportunity etc (Austin & Boyd, 2008, p. 59). However, the good thing is that these problems are resolvable if the leaders and managers take right steps at the right time to solve them. Effective solutions and different strategies can be used to solve the workplace problems before they become serious and start affecting the health and performance of the staff. Leadership Strategies To demonstrate how different workplace related problems experienced by people working in nursing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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