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Conditioning a Successful Workplace through Diet and Exercise - Speech or Presentation Example

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SUCCESSFUL WORKPLACE CREATION THROUGH DIET AND EXERCISE Name Professor Course Date Overview The sustenance of the human health has been determined by the lifestyle that is created and adhered to within the societal setting. There should be a set condition and presentation within the society to ensure that the individual is offered the needed condition to sustain a stable living…
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Conditioning a Successful Workplace through Diet and Exercise
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Download file to see previous pages Exercise and diet have been the most successful strategies to offer the individual stable body conditions that allow them to function fully in the societal functions. However, the right nutrition is achieved through implementing a selected diet that requires administration at necessary intervals. The implementation of a bad trend in the diet may develop constraints to the measures needed to sustain a healthy living. These factors generate increased production in the workplace and enable members to perform satisfactorily towards duty completion. Furthermore, the perfect exercise strategies complemented with the nutrition measures offer the perfect solution to a stable lifestyle within the workplace. This presentation offers the necessary strategies to be implemented in the diet and nutrition values to generate success within the workplace for positive production. History of Diet and Exercise The members of the gym in the early twentieth century had been men who had selected goals for attending the training sessions. The trend had been changed in the 70s when the societal members sought for counsel from the persons considered fit. The provision drove suspicion with the need to provide conditions and techniques in the workplace to discourage laziness to offer positive generation of results. The aspect of a diet and exercise system had been the result established to regulate the provision to include the fitness program. The advancement in technology increased the provision to initiate effective strategies to manipulate the lifestyle to create positive living. The 21st century had defined the noticed trend of unhealthy diet trend noticed in obesity1. The irony had been created since the first epidemic developed had witnessed humanity affected from the constraint of abundant supply of food. The constraint had been developed due to ineffective diet trends that had created the trend in poor diet provision. The busy society had been limited to unhealthy observation in the diet that saw the food industry commercialize the opportunity to offer diet supply at affordable prices. This saw the advancement of the fast food industry that limited the progression of a healthy diet since the majority of individuals, did not have more time to acquire a healthy balanced diet. The provision also leads to obesity that has witnessed an increased number affected by the condition with limited performance in the societal setting. The record of individuals with the condition has been increased to 50% with 16 % of the number being teenagers2. The unhealthy diet trend has advanced to produce an aging population that is less active, and an increased 80% suffering from a noticed chronic condition in the elderly age bracket3. Nutrition The lifestyle selected has advanced the witnessed provisions to lead to unhealthy living with the advancement of chronic diseases. The other limitations for progress within organizations have been in injuries developed in the workplaces and the aging aspect that restricted the performance of individuals. The persons that require the most nutritious benefits have been in elderly individuals above 50 years and below 18 years, which are the most advancing group in society4. The nutrition directed should be based on low-fat foods to energy supplies that are beneficial to offering the measures to occur ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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