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Psychological Factors that Affect Obesity - Essay Example

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This paper "Psychological Factors that Affect Obesity" discusses psychological factors such as anxiety, and eating disorders could be considered as behavioral patterns of obesity because anxiety and depressions are linked to emotions and people with this behavior turn to food for comfort…
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Extract of sample "Psychological Factors that Affect Obesity"

Download file to see previous pages It is estimated that about 2.8 million adults die because of being overweight and obese. Health-related problems attributable to obesity and overweight are heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancer. Interestingly, obesity is high among Hispanics and black neighborhood. Due to these incidences, obesity has been a big concern worldwide. Fortunately, there is hope, because the WHO reports obesity is preventable.

Becoming obese is not a miracle, it just can’t happen overnight. Aside from the imbalance of energy intake, and energy we burn over time, are there other factors that contribute to obesity? Could psychological problems be the root cause of this problem?

Obesity has been defined in the medical dictionary as the state of being well above one’s normal weight. Accordingly, a person is obese if he/she is 20 percent of his/her ideal weight. An ideal weight takes into account the person’s height, age, sex and built. The National Institute of Health defines a person as obese when he/she has a BMI of 30 and above. It is further defined by WHO as an abnormal and excessive fat accumulation that may impair health. A BMI or Body mass index is defined as a person’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of his height in meters (kg/m2). Psychological factors are described as eating disorders, anxiety, and depression.

Qualitative research and works on a literature review process of journal articles and web pages are used as sources in this essay. The literature review process imports articles, reports, explores and critiques each source. Qualitative research is about exploring issues, understanding phenomena and answering questions. Qualitative research involves the analysis of any unstructured data, literature reviews, survey responses, and web pages.

It is theorized that psychological problems could be the root cause of obesity. Studies along this reasoning are provided by Collins, Jennifer and Bentz, John, and other authors, wherein they reasoned out that obesity is caused by a combination of psychological factors, environment, and biological attributes.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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