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Is Obesity Destroying the Lives of Americans - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Is obesity destroying the lives of Americans? Obesity has become a serious issue to the American people in the recent years. Living in America and instilled with the culture of eating fast foods inclusive with a lot of junk foods prepared by means of genetically engineered technology, a number of American have become obese…
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Is Obesity Destroying the Lives of Americans
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"Is Obesity Destroying the Lives of Americans"

Download file to see previous pages Obesity often comes with a lot of risk. Obesity is destroying the lives of many Americans through contributing to increase in number of health issues, medical costs, deterioration of the economy, social issues, and contributing to increases in number of depression cases. Obesity often results to a number of health issues. Obese people often have a high level of cholesterol in their bodies that have an adverse effect to their general health. Commonly, too much cholesterol in the human body often predisposes individuals in getting hypertensive diseases (Alex 38). Cholesterol in blood often results in formation of atherosclerosis that in turn contributes to hypertension states. Furthermore, a lot of cholesterol in the body often leads to production of more estrogen in the human body that in turn inhibits production of insulin. Therefore, such people become more predisposed in getting type 2 diabetes in their life time. In addition, obese people often have sleeping problems due to their massive weight. Furthermore, some obese people may have breathing problems due to excess fatty tissues compressing the respiratory tissues (Alex 40). Some studies have also concluded obesity depressing sexual drive in such individuals thereby interfering with the reproduction process. Obesity often results in increased medical cost. Obese people often become sick and acquire lifelong illnesses that become hard to treat. An excellent example could be an obese patient that develops type 2 diabetes and at the same time hypertension. Since this diseases require chronic management, these individuals and their families may require spending more in the management of such individuals. Furthermore, drugs used in treatment of some of the ailments they get may be expensive (Alex 63). Medical management of such individuals may require rigorous checkups as they spend more time in hospital being treated for their ailments. Furthermore, the medical insurances taken by such individuals often are hefty since they take in an attempt of covering for their health and other stuffs. Obesity also contributes to deterioration of the economy. Obese people often work less since they grow to extent of becoming unable to carry out some activities. Therefore, such people contribute negatively to the economy when they reach some level as there economic output reduces. Furthermore, a number of people take care of them thereby doing less on their own in contributing to the enhancement of the economy. Since the economy is often dependent on the general effort of every individual, such individuals generally contribute in destroying the American economy in general (Elise 66). Often people often become limited in doing physical stuffs and start relying on other people for their survival. Therefore, they encourage dependency instead of interdependency. For an economy to thrive, individuals in a given country often require to be more independent than dependent. Obese people sometimes wait for other people to work for them hence overusing others in the attempt of caring for them. Obesity leads to depression among obese individuals. The obesity rate among Americans is rapidly on the rise, and with it, so are the increasing cases of psychological dysfunctions such as depression. Depression is simply defined as a continuous feeling of hollowness, aloneness; characterized by extensive low mood swings. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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In the first case, the reason for obesity is psychological while in the second, purely sociological. Before venturing into this kind of comparing different information bases of obesity, it is important to have a clear idea of what is meant by obesity. One definition for obesity provided by the National Health Service (NHS) website at http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Obesity/Pages/Introduction.aspx has been that it is “when a person is carrying too much body fat for their height and sex” and an adult individual is counted as obese if he/she has a body mass index (BMI) of “30 or greater.” James and Linton (2008) has defined obesity in more simple word as “an excess of body fat” (p.94).
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