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The effects of healthy and unhealthy food - Essay Example

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Have you ever felt very hungry just an hour after a meal full of calories? If you have not felt like that yet, then you will soon do. In addition, if you have, you…
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The effects of healthy and unhealthy food
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Download file to see previous pages In order to illustrate this, a local television company carried on an experiment in Moscow, Russia. There were two participants: one – who ate every day, starting with breakfast, the so-called “junk food”, and the second – a person who ate only healthy food. At the beginning of the experiment, both participants were examined by a doctor, who established their state of health. The “junk food” consumer was nervous, constantly tired, his blood analyses were bad, and his entire state of health was not very good. The second participant, a person who had an equilibrate nutrition, focusing on eating healthily, was in good shape and had no complaints regarding his health. The experiment consisted in switching the food habits between the two participants for one week: instead of eating junk food, the first person was going to adopt an equilibrate nutrition, and, vice versa, the person that was eating healthily, was going to consume only junk food. Beginning with the first day of the experiment, the second participant started to feel bad. He was constantly hungry, he felt tired although he did not have a rough day, and he felt his stomach heavy. After seven days, the doctor examined both participants again. To everybody’s surprise, the participant that at the beginning of the experiment had a state of health that could be envied by everybody, after having eaten for one week only unhealthy food, was feeling very bad at that moment and the results of the analyses confirmed it. Similar studies have been carried worldwide and all the results point out to a sole conclusion: unhealthy food can seriously affect our state of mind, health and almost every aspect of our lives.
Therefore, it is worth pointing out the effects of unhealthy eating, which are multiple, and if somebody consumes it, he or she should be aware of the effects it has on his or her health. They call it “junk food” for a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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