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Healthy Eating - Essay Example

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Obesity continues to be a health problem for children, adolescence and the adults around the world. It is the condition in which excess body fat has accumulated in the body to the extent that it has adverse effects on the health; this reduces the life expectancy of the individual…
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Healthy Eating
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Extract of sample "Healthy Eating"

Download file to see previous pages As the problem starts at young age it is best to overcome it at that time. The main motivators for obesity in children include junk foods, video games and television; as children's are mostly targets in the media for these advertisements. Parent's role also plays an important part; they are the ones to encourage their children for sports and exercises, and replace the junks with fruits and vegetables. Eating healthy food full of nutrition and vitamins is important in order to stay healthy, but if the problem increases it is best to consult a doctor, dietitian or a nutritionist. Due to the sudden increase in which America's children are becoming obese, it has been stated that "the current generation of American youth might live less healthy and possibly even have shorter lives than their parents (Bernstein)" if nothing is done about the deteriorating health of children.
Obesity is one of the leading causes of health problems, which stays present as a person gets older. Obesity used to be an issue in adults, but today, obesity is something that often starts when a person is in their childhood, and their health worsens the older they get. "America must be getting thinner, right Mc Donald's has stopped super-sizing. Coke has launched its 'half the sugar, half the carbs' C2 cola and it seems like every week a new diet book hits the shelves and the best seller list (Dan Crane, 2009). In April 2005 the sesame street recognized the growing crises of childhood obesity in United States and introduced 'healthy habits for life' a segment in their episodes that featured tips on healthy eating and exercise. Health problems that are associated with obesity include diabetes, heart failure, and various kinds of cancer; unfortunately, many of these can lead to an early death. As aforementioned, the media has played a large role in encouraging obesity; due to the increase in how many children are obese, the media has since turned around, discouraging the gorging of junk food products, urging children to eat better and to spend more time participating in physical activity. Being aware of obesity problems, a partnership was formed in 2005 by the American Heart association by the name of Alliance for a Healthier Generation with the help of U.S president Bill Clinton and the Nickelodeons. The purpose of this alliance was to protect the life threatening consequences of unhealthy lifestyle habits. They reached kids through vigorous public awareness campaigns. Speaking of his media company's role in the partnership, Nickelodeon Network resident Herb Scannell said, "We want kids to become personally invested in living strong, healthy lives. And if we do our jobs right, kids will believe that being healthy is cool". (2005) furthermore television networks designed mainly for children, such as Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel, have taken it upon themselves to encourage children to live healthier; there are even a few times a year that the networks shut themselves down for a few hours so that children do not feel as obliged to sit around and watch television, but are encouraged to go outside and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Promoting Healthy Eating for Dementia in Residential Homes

... improve the physical health of these patients. One of the best and most simple ways to improve the physical health of patients with dementia is to focus on how nurses can effectively promote healthy eating. By promoting healthy eating among patients with dementia, the nurses can protect the patients from becoming sicklier or more vulnerable to other types of illnesses. There are certain types of food that can help prevent the incidence of dementia. For example, vitamin B12 and Folate deficiencies are also associated with developing dementia and cognitive impairment (Bruce Fife, 2011). Fish like tuna, salmon, mackerel and herring is rich in Omega 3 fats. Based on a recent study, doctors suggest that eating fish at least once a week reduces...
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The first change that I incorporated once I learn the importance of water was to diminish my consumption of sodas. Water is necessary for the maintenance of the body since it includes 20 minerals need as part of a healthy diet. Water is very important for the human body since it helps increase the metabolism, while at the same time controlling appetite. It provides the body with energy. I realized now that I use to get a bit dehydrated in the past because I was not consuming enough water. I use to feel like I did not have energy. A person recommended I take 5 hour energy. I thought about it, but I noticed the product was very expensive. I have taken a route I did not know existed to improve my energy levels during the day. All I...
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Encourage Healthy Eating Paper

... manner. What is quintessential to note here is the fact that healthy eating can only happen when the individuals know what they are looking forward to having within their ranks, and how they shall enact pathways and means through which their health standards would be made better. The individuals who believe in eating well are usually the ones who are fitter than the rest, and hence the basis of success comes about within their folds. If there are taxes in place to make sure that the soft drinks and junk food are not consumed, this shall make the lives of the people better. They would abstain from consuming junk food because they will know it will cost them much at the end of the day. However, this can only come about when encouragement...
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Nursing Intervention to Encourage healthy Eating habits Among Teenagers

... steps in the development of nursing intervention, keeping in mind the encouragement of healthy habits among teenagers: Assessing: In this step, the nurse will have to assess the problem or the area where they have to start from. Here, the nursing intervention is to develop healthy eating habits among teenagers. So the nurse will have to assess and analyze those areas from where the research can be started. The targeted audience – teenagers – can be made a part of the study for the encouragement of healthy eating habits among them. Formulating an Intervention: After assessment of the area, the process leads to the second step – formulation of the intervention. In this step, observing the eating habits of the target audience will take place...
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Healthy eating

..., as it will ensure a positive frame of mind, physical and emotional wellness and energy to take on the daily responsibilities. Constantly faced with the dilemma of having to pick studying over socializing, healthy eating is perceived as a difficult task and thus many students will neglect it. However, if one takes time to gain basic knowledge on nutrition, it will not seem burdensome. Making the decision to eat healthy should be taken on as a process to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the changes that one has to make. Getting basic knowledge on nutrition is important since it will enable informed and right decision-making. Nevertheless, one should also find a way of...
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Healthy Eating

... to the human body. In addition, people are lured by unhealthy food, on account of its attractive appearance and taste. Some methods for avoiding such food have been suggested in this work. These methods have been shown to be extremely effective in preventing their practitioner from falling prey to unhealthy food. Finally, conclusions were arrived at and recommendations were made. Healthy Eating – A Critical Evaluation Introduction In order to remain healthy, it is important to avoid unhealthy eating or overeating. Bad eating habits can be eliminated by developing the desire to eat right. In addition to making up one’s mind to get rid of a bad habit, one should undertake a properly planned series of actions that will help in achieving...
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Healthy Eating

... of foods from other vital groups (such as vitamins). Healthy eating is an absolutely essential component toward health and well-being. What one eats, how often and how much are all vital towards attaining a healthy and balanced diet. There are numerous changes and additions that I can make in order to improve on my eating habits as the overall quality of my dieting is very low and unhealthy. I eat a lot of calories yet partake in very little physical activity that can ensure a healthy balance between the energy I consume and that that I use. Instead of reveling in snacks, beer and chocolates, I ought to ensure up to a third of the food I eat are starchy foods such as potatoes (with skins on if possible), cereals, pasta, rice and bread...
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Healthy Eating Food Pyramid

...diagram representing the type of diet to be eaten daily for good health (Harvard School of Public Health, 2008). The healthy food pyramid was developed by the Harvard school of public health and is based on scientific evidence on the relationship between diet and health. The main aim of healthy eating food pyramid is to help people to make better choices on diet. From the base up, healthy eating food pyramid has five sections or segments. This paper describes in details what healthy eating food pyramid is, focusing on the various segments of healthy eating food pyramid. General...
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Comorbidity Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse

The study of the comorbidity between disordered eating and substance use in middle and high school samples tended to focus on the association between attitudes toward eating, weight, and shape and tobacco smoking, alcohol drinking, and marijuana use (Field et al., 2002). Nonetheless, several school-based studies have also reported on associations between tobacco smoking, alcohol drinking, and marijuana use in relation to bingeing, purging and dieting behaviors (Lock et al., 2001 and Tomori et al., 2001). However, only a few investigations have included a broader range of substance classes while investigating associations between disordered eating attitudes and behaviors and substance use in school-based studies (Von Ranson et al.,...
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Does Interpersonal Attraction to Thin Media Personalities Promote Eating Disorders

...Beauty and the Beast Body Image and its Essentials Order No: 180861 No: of Pages: 8 Premium -6530 Everyone would love to be the “Beauty on theCatwalk Ramp!” But at what cost? From time immemorial, Beauty has been an obsession, especially with women and it still remains one of the burning issues of today. It is not wrong to want to be beautiful, yet it is very important to keep your body healthy and fit at all times. When the topic of the causes for the growing prevalence of eating disorders in both men and women are brought to the forefront, always the finger of blame is pointed towards the media who has a significant role to play in it. The association between different body shapes and desired social status can be traced all the way...
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Implications of Socio-Cultural, Environmental and Biological Factors upon Eating Disorders

...An inquiry into the implications of Socio-Cultural, Environmental and Biological Factors upon Eating Disorders. This paper will review the negative mental, physical and psychological implications of eating disorders on patients. These disorders, which include anorexia (AN) and bulimia nervosa, are a result of abnormalities in eating behaviors and patterns which are a result of disturbing psychological fears of the patient based mainly on the fear of obesity and general dissatisfaction with the body image. The review explores the causes of eating disorders, particularly, anorexia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa is the self-induced starvation where the observed Body Mass Index (BMI) is in the 15th percentile for age and gender. (Williamson 2002...
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Policy Task (Describe the process of developing a (micro-) healthy eating policy for a large mining company operating in rural and remote South Australia)

... did not have a significant difference as shown in the table below. Table 1: Levels of physical inactivity Population Group 18-29 30-44 45-59 60-75 18-75 (Overall) General Population (AIHW, 2001) 31.3% 46.5% 50.0% 46.0% 43.3% 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 Overall Coal Mining – All Groups 28% 40% 45% 43% 49% 42% Source: Bofinger and Ham 2002, p53. Possible Nutrition and Food-Related Problems to Be Addressed The nutrition and food-related problems that are to be addressed by this policy (healthy eating policy) include the risk of acquiring coronary heart disease and becoming overweight or obese. Alpha Mining Company has noticed that its workers are putting on weight and this has resulted in a number of health problems such as obesity...
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Why We Should Avoid Eating Meat From Factory Farms

... to the cheapening of corn, which is fed to the animals. This has driven down the price of meat, so that we are now eating much more meat the average American east 190 lbs a year, which works out to a half pound every day. This over-consumption of meat that is made possible to factory farming practices is harmful to the environment because, according to Pollan, the animal waste is no longer a source of fertilizer, but, rather, simply a source of pollution. The reason why this is is because removing animals from the land, and putting them into a feedlot means that the animal manure is no longer being used to fertilize soil, but is being wasted. This, in turn, means that land is being fertilized with fossil fuels instead of manure (Pollan...
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Organic Food as a Way of a Healthy Life

...Organic Food Organic Food Outline: Introduction Background Aims and Objectives Research Findings; Expert Interview Conclusion RecommendationIntroduction Recently, the organic food has been considered a secret of healthy life. The term organic is connected to green and environment-friendly activity. In simple words the organic food means the good that has been made through natural methods. The use of artificial methods and other greenhouse techniques is prohibited in the organic production. In addition, the techniques of preservation, fertilization and usage of other chemical materials are prohibited in growing the organic foods. The term organic food was first introduced by Lord Northbourne in 1939. He gave the concept of “farm...
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The Significance of Regular Exercise in the Maintenance of a Healthy Mind and Body

...The significance of Regular Exercise in the Maintenance of a Healthy Mind and Body; and the Extent to which the Plays a role in ensuring that its Citizens Exercise Regularly Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: The significance of Regular Exercise in the Maintenance of a Healthy Mind and Body; and the Extent to which the State Plays a role in ensuring that its Citizens Exercise Regularly Introduction For a person to be both healthy and energetic, it is important to constantly maintain an active lifestyle, engage in regular exercise as well as other physical activities. Since ancient times physical fitness and physical activity have been closely linked with longevity and health; however according to Hardman and Stensel (2009...
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Eating Dog Meat in Asian Countries

... Eating Dog Meat in Asian Countries The consumption of dog meat in a number of countries such as Burkina Faso, China, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam has been the subject of so much debate and controversy that it has already become fitting and proper to discuss the reasons behind why it should be banned. At the same time, it is also important to finally look into the reasons why people keep doing the practice of slaughtering dogs and eating dog meat. Nevertheless, despite the common practice and despite the justifications of those who advocate it, the consumption of dog meat is not the choice. Eating dog meat is a negative practice and should be banned because of several reasons. One of the reasons is simply that a dog is man’s best...
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Importance of Regular Exercise in Maintaining a Healthy Body and Mind

...Importance of exercise in achieving a healthy body and mind s Submitted by s: Healthy body and mind Medicine that is concerned with the mind and the body originally came from China about four thousand years ago when the physicians identified illness more often than not followed periods of frustration I the lives of their patients. In this era in the western societies, the professional who are in the medical field also have the view that emotions, varying events in life as well as skills needed for coping can strongly affect health. Medicine that is concerned with a healthy body and mind has developed to be incorporated into new fields, which are exciting such as psycho neuro-immunology as well as behavioral cardiology where psycho neuro...
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Healthy Eating and Obesity

... a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays people – similar to the man in the video – confuse priorities placing wealth and many other aspects higher than health, although health is the primary value we all have and any further achievements are possible even if this one is present. Unhealthy eating including junk food addiction and sedentary lifestyle increase the threat of various diseases’ development and obesity. As it was illustrated in the movie, the obesity level growth has already overrun the borders of the U.S. (which is virtually the homeland of fast food) and spread on Australia. That is why people gradually start thinking about this problem and taking measures either to fight or to prevent it. 3. The problem under consideration is, in fact...
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The Social Perception of Adults Living in Denham, WA towards Healthy Eating

... that is apparently measured by what people eat among other things. Food, according to Welch et al. (2008), has been transformed into an indicator of social class rather than a material for physiological growth and sustainability. In a study carried out by Widome, Neumark-Sztainer, Hannan, Haines and Story (2009) that aimed at exploring the social discourse of healthy eating, it was found out, that youths especially those at their teen tender to subscribe and bow to the social pressures in choosing what they eat. Kharof., Meurer and Nelson (2013) further argue that snacks, as well as fast foods, are seen as a youth thing that characterizes the social life people in that age bracket life. This view is further supported by Widome, Neumark...
8 Pages(2000 words)Literature review
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