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Impacts of technology to US children - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Impacts of technology to US children" will tackle both positive and negative impacts of information technology to the current generation and more so the children within the United States. It will also consider environmental factors that contribute to technology enhancement within the United States…
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Impacts of technology to US children
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Extract of sample "Impacts of technology to US children"

Download file to see previous pages Computer games that came as a result of technology have helped improve children’s skills of abstract thinking, reflective thinking as well as evaluating information. Also, it has helped increase communication between the young ones and the health practitioners. The use of technology enables an individual to perceive images at a higher speed. Besides, an individual can watch videos that makes one feel the actual reality of the picture. Basing on various studies, kids who have been using technology for some time are viewed to have an increase in visual reasoning skills. The technology helps children to understand the operations of various apps that are employed in operating the technology. With these skills, the child will be able to coordinate various activities at the same time. Furthermore, it has given the children the ability to identify facial emotions expressions by the use of computers. As a result, technology has helped improve the literacy rate among the children. Technology can only be of good help to children if they are guided on what and what not to operate with their smartphones as well as the computers. Therefore, enabling young ones to poses cell phones fulfills this functionality for connectivity. The development of technology has made children ease the concerns that come along with childhood connectivity. Therefore, technology is considered an important factor in the current US generation because it is helping parents keep track of their children. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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