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Technology impact on children in USA - Research Paper Example

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Children in current generation have become avid users of technology. The average age of children using smart phone is ten. Special type of laptop has been developed which can be used by children…
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Technology impact on children in USA
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Download file to see previous pages Rather than spending loads of time on computer and TV, it is also vital for children to spend their time on other activities. It can also create negative impact on children. Children spending large sum of time on television and Computer are prone to become fat. Despite having some negative impact, computer games can help children to learn new things. Children find it easier to learn from technology.
Computer games also have some negative impact on children. Some violent games can affect the mentality of children and would sometimes lead to increase in aggressive behavior and increase in aggressive feelings. Real world violence shown in many violent games can change the behavior of children in to aggressive. Some survey revealed that maximize use of social networking sites and inter net can lead to aloneness and depression. Children are too small to visualize the difference between real world and virtual world. Violent aggressive response shown in game games can make create difficulty on mind of children to verify difference of simulation and real world. Technology holds a pivotal role for the development of children to teenager. Technology can have positive and negative impact on growth of children to teenager. In has been surveyed in the year 1999, percentage of children having gaming console in 67%. 60% of the children have home computers. And more than 37% of children are some way or another connected to internet. Recent survey reveals the popularity and addiction of computer and internet among children. Children aged between 8 and 18 are asked that, if they are taken in to desert isle then what things they would carry with them. Most of the children replied access to internet and computer. The addiction and popularity of technology had made children lazier. The increase in exposure to electronic devices would create negative impact on the development of children at younger age. Technology is not the solution that would ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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