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Mobile Phone Use and Distraction while Driving - Assignment Example

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The paper’s discussion “Mobile Phone Use and Distraction while Driving” argues that most car accidents result from human-related errors that could easily be avoided other than the factors related to road conditions. It focuses on disruptive activities…
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Mobile Phone Use and Distraction while Driving
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Download file to see previous pages This involves both innocent lives of school children, pedestrians and passengers traveling in crashing vehicles. Others involved are inside buildings upon car crashes when navigating away from the roads for an expected situation. The other category is those who survive from crash injuries. They either receive minor injuries like scratches and intense bruises and sometimes treatable minor body fractures, or the accident leaves them with permanent damage. Physically permanent body injuries could be a damaged spinal cord, amputated legs, paralysis, major brain injury, which could put the victim on a wheelchair all his life, or impair brain function for coordination. All these injuries could translate into costly medical expenses to treat or maintain where impossible to correct, which is another financial burden.
Destruction of private and public property that costs the taxpayers’ money to put up or to own are either partially or fully destroyed. Most of the serious car crashes on highways render the vehicles unusable or irreparable. Most of these vehicles result to waste in scrap metals sites in the USA, while minor bends cost more to repair. If properties outside the road are affected too, owners could claim damages for loss of properties.
Human-Related Errors that cause Car Accidents
Cell phones: Handheld cell phones are recklessly used anywhere without people taking any measures to control themselves. With the advent of new technology smartphones, the majority of the driving youths have this irresponsible use of gadgets. Most cars and trucks accidents, 22 and 71 percent respectively, meet distracted drivers on cell phones chatting, texting, reading messages, or calling (CARRS 1). It is advisable that drivers avoid taking phone calls while driving because it risks causing accidents. If the issue is urgent, they can stop by the roadside and communicate in a rush, rather than trying to handle two tasks at the same time, which is usually disastrous. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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