Technology and Its Effect on Human Freedom and Happiness in Society - Term Paper Example

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The writer discovers polar sides of technogen effects on our internal state, besides showing examples how technology affects on individual freedom, covering both variants as well. …
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Technology and Its Effect on Human Freedom and Happiness in Society
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Extract of sample "Technology and Its Effect on Human Freedom and Happiness in Society"

Download file to see previous pages People use technological tools and equipments right from the moment they wake up in the mornings. Shutting the alarm on cell phone, drying hair using blow dryer, frying toasts in toaster, viewing movies on the latest LEDs, travelling in fast-moving underground trains, attending video conferences with cross-border professionals, socializing with distant friends through internet, finding jobs online, engaging in e-commerce, preparing tea in electric kettle, and checking Facebook status updates on android, are all examples of how easier our lives have become through the use of technology. Although critics claim that technology has tended to limit our overall human freedom and happiness, yet the benefits outweigh the limitations so much so that one cannot help admiring technology and its blessings. This paper discusses the effects of technology on human freedom and happiness, while also considering the criticism. Let’s take an example of technology in education. Since the advent of sophisticated technological means, educators have been trying to modify the instructional process with the help of technology. According to Baker, early 1960’s brought with it “new curricula, instructional models, and approaches to individualization” (3) of instruction. Teachers started feeling the necessity of incorporating information and communication technology in teaching language. According to Kaka, “Technology (internet) in another side can be the most effective way to increase the student’s knowledge.” Teachers are getting more and more aware of that technology is an important part of the national curriculum, because it provides great resources for learning and teaching processes. Children can be made well equipped with up-to-date information while being able to conduct their own research, do analysis, make decisions, share ideas and views, and learn to be creative and initiative using technological tools in their study. Teachers can use technological resources to teach more efficiently with good outcome. Technology is becoming inevitable in the educational and personal lives of students thanks to great advantages it offers. Hence, it is adding to the overall happiness of the society by producing such knowledgeable students who can keep pace with the modern world. Here is another example of how technology has improved human freedom through incorporation in law. Since technology has created great seismic impact on every level of our professions, the development and implementation of laws have also gone through drastic changes. Technology has made possible the availability of virtual experience to officers belonging to law enforcement agencies, which has compensated for their lack of real-life experience, because an officer seldom encounters real critical situations in his life. If we talk about the United States, there are “over one million lawyers…providing roughly one billion dollars' worth of legal services” (Leibowitz). And this increase in their profit has resulted due to the use of internet and technology in their legal practice. This has forced the lawyers to incorporate the use of internet and technology based tools and equipment into their practice. With the advent of technology, courts, such as, U.S. Supreme Court started its own website in the year 2000 with the URL as; whereas, previously, the courts used to pronounce decisions and publish opinions through personal publishers and law and legislation schools. Technology has made possible for courts and judges to make use of the latest technological means to get to the truth, such as the use of forensic techniques or criminalistics. There are lawyers who are opening up their virtual offices over the internet where they deal with clients, which is a very ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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